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Article: A Day in the Life of My Purse

A Day in the Life of My Purse

A woman's purse can be a bottomless pit of excess and unneeded items. While I don't claim to not have the random candy wrapper, body spray, lipgloss or earring floating around in my bag, I always have my necessities! These are the items I move to whatever purse or bag I am carrying that day.

Purse EDC Dump

3.0 Keyport Slide 4 Port - I have mine blinged out with Crystal Nodes! Because you have to have bling! This thing holds everything but the kitchen sink! My house key, car key, office Abloy key and Pen Insert all tucked away inside the 4 Ports of the Slide. I have the NEBA Knife Module with my gym Barcode Faceplate stacked on one side and the new prototype OmniFob on the other. I use a Keyport lanyard because it makes the Keyport way easier to find in my purse and allows me to wear it around my neck if I take my pup for a walk.

Silent Pocket Clutch - 6 card slots, 1 passport pocket, internal zippered coin pouch and it has an internal compartment to shield RFID and NFC. I love the leather on this thing and it has held up great for over 3 years.

Honey Badger Knife - This larger knife is still very light weight and easy to deploy. I have my Keyport NEBA knife on me at all times but sometimes I need a larger Blade. I also like to know I have this knife accessible in my purse if my Keyport is in the ignition while I am driving.

Anywhere Tools - My favorite new addition to my purse is definitely my Anywhere Tools. I carry two Pocket Clips, one has a WeeLINK charger (Lightning) for charging my iPhone on the go or in the car, an absolute must. The other Pocket Clip holds the  MOCA Module which has 11 tools including a bottle opener, cutting tool and screwdriver, which are my most used. Stacked on top of the MOCA Module I have a Pocket Flare  which is my rechargeable flashlight! The red attached ParaPull Lanyards make them easy to find and pull out as needed.

iPhone 8 + Otter Box -Commuter - I love my iPhone and pretty much identify as an Apple user for all my devices. My house is divided as hubby uses Android, it's ok I still love him. This case has been ideal for me as I can be a bit rough on my phones. I am not a fan of the wallet/phone cases that many women carry these days, it just doesn't work for me.

Altoids - Having mints in your purse is a must. You never know when you may need to nicely offer one to someone or need a bit of a refresher yourself. If you are a coffee drinker, always good to grab a mint afterwards. I prefer Altoids Smalls and always wintergreen for me!

Keyport business cards! I have to keep a few business cards on me at all times. Even though so much has gone digital I still believe in a nice business card.

Like I said, I am guilty of the random purse additions but as long as I always have these necessities in there too, my bag is complete!

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