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About Keyport

Our Mission // To reinvent the traditional multi-tool for the modern lifestyle.

Keyport Team

Left to Right - ďťżYouri, Marc, Josh, Sam, Aimee, David @Las Vegas HQ

What We Do
Keyport streamlines everyday carry items - keys, remotes, RFID fobs, mini-flashlights, multi-tools, pocketknives, Bluetooth locators, and other miscellaneous pocket items - into a fully customizable, modular platform that combines the utility of a keychain, the convenience of a Swiss Army Knife, the technology of the Internet of Things, and a style all our own.

How Keyport Started
Keyport was founded by U.S. Navy veteran, Josh Downes, back in 2005. Riding his motorcycle around Los Angeles to his different job sites, Josh discovered a need for a better key management system when he invented a way to mount all his keys in one streamlined device. To read the complete story of how Keyport was founded, click here.

About Keyport
In the late 2000s, Keyport burst onto the scene with significant international media attention for its flagship product, the Keyport Slide™, coined as The World's First Universal Key Fob. Since then, Keyport has pioneered the key organizer space and built out its innovative everyday carry system (including four successful Kickstarters) to include the Keyport Pivot™ along with a range of modular Anywhere Tools™ and accessories. Its latest product, OmniFob™, a universal remote that incorporates smart technology and the Internet of Things to bridge the gap between physical access (traditional keys) and a fully connected World.

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