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Article: Insider's Peek at OmniFob™

Insider's Peek at OmniFob™

OmniFob Smart Remote

The World's First All-In-One IoT Remote for Smart Home and Connected Car

So... What Exactly Are We Building?

In a nutshell, we are developing the World's first all-in-one IoT remote fob that controls smart home and connected car applications. In addition, we have integrated what we think is the top Bluetooth locator on the market in Chipolo.

OmniFob Features

Smart Home Applications

A remote fob's primary value is that it provides quick access to certain functions - on/off, open/close, lock/unlock, arm/disarm. So, we have focused our efforts on those particular smart home IoT devices which meet that criteria, and they fall into 5 categories:

  • Garage Doors
  • Smart Locks
  • Home Security (i.e. Home Alarm)
  • Smart Lights
  • Smart Outlets & Smart Plugs

While other devices will work with OmniFob, these are our primary targets. Scene support is also an important feature we are working on supporting so you can control multiple devices with one button press. We will explain how this works in a separate post for those of you that are new to Smart Home.

UPDATE: We are replacing the Micro-USB charging port with USB-C per our backer's and customer's requests!

USB-C on OmniFob

OmniFob in Action

OmniFob Device Examples

Connected Car

Without question, lock/unlock is the most desired function based upon survey results, emails, phone calls, social media posts, etc. Trust us... we have heard you loud and clear! Over the past several years, we have researched, examined, prototyped, and tested dozens of options, and we are excited that this is the first comprehensive and cost effective solution.

While still early in the development, we are working with the first of what we hope will be several aftermarket connected car applications to bring you a remote start and lock/unlock solution that will control multiple cars in one OmniFob! It does involve the purchase and installation of an aftermarket system, but the benefits are significant.

  • Turn your old car or new car into a connected car in which certain functions like remote start, lock/unlock, etc. can be controlled by your phone and OmniFob
  • Control multiple vehicles with a single fob (so long as an OmniFob compatible aftermarket system is installed in each vehicle)
  • View your car's location via gps from the app
  • Share a virtual key and car location with anyone from the app

Bluetooth Locator Powered by Chipolo

Among the many firsts we have accomplished here at Keyport, we were the first company to incorporate Bluetooth technology into our key organizer with the introduction of our Bluetooth Low Energy locator powered by TrackR back in 2016. After selling out of our first production run, we felt that the technology still had a ways to go before it added meaningful value. In the meantime, we developed KeyportID to provide a lost & found service that worked regardless of location, wifi, and battery life. But we always wanted to offer a Bluetooth solution when we felt the technology was more advanced and not just a novelty. Enter Chipolo. After testing several Bluetooth trackers, we were convinced that the team at Chipolo not only knew exactly what they were doing, but they are just awesome to work with. Based in Europe with an outpost in NYC, the Chipolo team has developed several award-winning locators including the Chipolo Card, Chipolo Classic, and Chipolo Plus. This includes voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Here's a demo of Siri programmed to find Chipolo by the customized name "Keyport"...

We have created a new website and social media accounts specifically for OmniFob:

More to Come

We will keep you posted through our OmniFob interest list as well as Keyport emails and social media (both Keyport and OmniFob). We always want to hear from you... let us know what you want, what problems we can solve, and what we can do to transform your everyday carry.

Learn more about OmniFob > 

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