CapAble, DependAble, EmployAble - These are the guiding principles for Las Vegas based startup, FillAble.

FillAble - Helping young adults with all different abilities become employAble

FillAble helps young adults with all different abilities to build the confidence and skills needed to become employAble. Using specialized inclusive programs catered specifically to the individual, FillAble offers workplace training with actual hands-on experience focused on e-commerce fulfillment. FillAble programs include basic transferable skills, workplace etiquette and expectations relevant to any employment opportunity bridging the gap between people with disabilities and employers.


Alongside workplace training, FillAble offers 3rd party packaging and fulfillment services including complete order processing from Shopify and other common platforms. FillAble team members supervised by their trainers handle every step of the fulfillment process - packaging, labeling, and shipping. FillAble can provide an array of custom labeling and packaging services. 

We are very proud to note that FillAble is co-founded by Keyport's very own VP of Operations, Aimee Henkel. With an 18-year-old daughter on the Autism spectrum, Aimee is a longtime advocate for Autism awareness, acceptance and inclusion, and Ella has been a vital part of the Keyport family for many years now. As parents of children on the Autism Spectrum, Aimee and her co-founders, Allen Glatts and Matt Dell'Orto, have seen a need for services targeted to young adults with autism and other disabilities that focus on professional skills training and successfully transitioning into the workplace.

Fillable team

We are excited to announce that Keyport is working with FillAble to assist with order fulfillment. FillAble team members, Edgar, Sara, and Ella, along with their trainers are working on a big fulfillment project for us. Stay tuned for a progress report!

Fillable team


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