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Article: Unveiling the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight 🔦

Unveiling the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight 🔦

Keyport Pocket Flare 2.0

Introducing Your New & Improved Ultimate Daily Mini LED Light Companion

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Keyport EDC universe: the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight. We've taken all your feedback from the original Pocket Flare and infused it with innovation to deliver an significantly upgraded everyday carry mini LED light. Let’s dive into what makes the Pocket Flare 2.0 the best pocket flashlight we’ve ever crafted.

Pocket Flare 2.0 on Slide 4.0

Keyport Slide 4.0 with the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight Module

Improvement Highlights

  • Brighter Lighting: Get the illumination you need, from subtle to powerful (up to 50 lumens). Choose from 4 lighting modes - Low Beam (5 lumens) / High Beam (43 lumens) / Lamp Mode (50 lumens) / OFF.
  • Redesigned Tactile Switch: The new switch ensures quick toggling between modes and minimizes accidental activations in pocket. 
  • Compact & Durable: At only 0.5 oz, this EDC mini flash light was redesigned from the top down to ensure it can withstand heavy daily wear & tear including 4 ft. drops onto concrete.
  • Recharge On-the-Go: You spoke (yelled actually) and we listened! USB-C rechargeable feature ensures your USB C flashlight is always ready when you are.

USB-C Rechargeable Pocket Flare 2.0IPX-4 Water Resistant 

Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini Flash Light Overview

In our continuous strive for perfection, the Pocket Flare 2.0 emerges as the pinnacle of our mini flashlights. More than just a compact light source, it features an even brighter LED, enhanced battery longevity, the modern convenience of USB-C charging, and a trio of lighting options: low beam, high beam, and lamp setting. The newly configured activation button offers seamless transition between the various modes and significantly reduces accidental turn-ons when tucked away in your pocket.

Based upon your feedback, we made several cutting-edge design updates with the Pocket Flare 2.0. Thanks to its tactile switch mechanism, transitioning between its trio of unique lighting options becomes effortless. This mini LED light provides a low beam that can last an impressive 17 hours, a high beam that shines for 2 hours, and the specialized lamp mode that endures for 1.5 hours. All these versatile modes are yours with just a simple button press, allowing for a truly hands-free lighting solution.

Designed to take up minimal space yet deliver maximal output, this keychain flashlight is a must-have for every EDC enthusiast. Its dimensions stand at 2.9" x 0.6" x 0.3", and with a weight of merely 0.5 oz, it ranks among the elite in compact yet powerful illumination tools. Distinguishing the Pocket Flare 2.0 is its signature sleek and flat design, ideal for slipping into pockets, connecting to your Keyport, hanging off keychains, or clipping onto bags. Its adaptability extends its utility, making it an indispensable tool for a multitude of everyday situations.

As an integrated component of Keyport's pioneering modular system, the Pocket Flare 2.0 is seamlessly compatible with both the Keyport Pivot and Slide, elevating your key organizer's utility and style. Whether unlocking a car door in a darkened parking lot or illuminating a tent while tucked in your sleeping bag on a camp out, the Pocket Flare 2.0 stands as the ultimate lighting companion for your Keyport system and beyond.

The Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini LED Light At a Glance

Key Features:

  • 4-mode push button tactile switch: Low Beam / High Beam / Lamp / OFF
  • Up to 33 lumen max front beam mode and 90 lumen max lamp mode
  • USB-C rechargeable via the included USB-C charging cable
  • Protective TPU dust plug for USB-C port
  • IPX4 - Water/Dust resistant build
  • Pocket Flare 2.0 is compatible with Keyport’s modular system including Pivot 1.0, Pivot 2.0, Slide 3.0, Slide 4.0, and Module Pocket Clip

Intuitive Lighting Modes:

  • Front Beam Low: 4 Lumens (Lasts up to 15 hrs)
  • Front Beam High: 33 Lumens (Lasts up to 2 hrs)
  • Unique Lamp Mode: 90 Lumens (Lasts up to 1.5 hrs)
  • OFF: Quick and easy shutdown

Quick Actions:

  • Quick OFF: Turn off from any mode with just a hold of one second.
  • Momentary Light: Activate Front Beam High with a one-second hold.

Compatibility: The Pocket Flare 2.0 is compatible with the Keyport Pivot 1.0, Pivot 2.0, Slide 3.0, or Slide 4.0, or Anywhere Tools Module Pocket Clip (all sold separately).

Carry Options: Keyport is widely recognized as the most flexible everyday carry system on the planet, and the Pocket Flare 2.0 Module is no exception. Not only can you attach it to Keyport’s premium key organizers (Pivot or Slide), you can also connect it to our Module Pocket Clip to clip it onto your pocket, a belt, or even a car visor. And attached to a Module Pocket Clip, the Pocket Flare 2.0 can be added to any standard keychain for the best keychain flashlight. In any carry mode, the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight is designed for flexibility, convenience, and style. 

Pocket Flare 2.0 Illuminating Bag 

Wrapping It Up: Your Feedback, Our Blueprint

The Pocket Flare 2.0 isn't just another product release; it’s a testament to our commitment to evolve and improve. We took everything you loved about the original and made it even better. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. We can't wait for you to experience the brilliance of the Pocket Flare 2.0 mini-flashlight. Shine on, Keyporters! 🌟


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