Pocket Key Holder & Modular EDC Multi-Tool

Keys, Pocket Tools, & Smart Tech // All-in-One

4-Port or 6-Port Options

Customize your own key holder / multi-tool

Slide 3.0s are sold out, and we are working on the next iteration.

The whole package comes across as something that Q developed down in the 007 laboratory. "If you see this slim box, James, you'll notice that it contains your Aston Martin key, a flashlight, and a martini stir stick for emergencies.
The Keyport is intended to complement an individual's smart phone by collecting most, if not all, your pocket clutter into one location.
We're not sure if James Bond has a keychain - presumably, those Aston Martins don't start themselves. But if he did, it would probably look like this sleek box, which holds up to six keys that glide out when you slide a button. If you need more than six keys, you're doing it wrong. (It being life.)
The Keyport's small size and light weight make it a viable option for motorcycle applications and its immediate advantage is obvious—no more scratches on the triple tree from other keys bouncing around on a key ring.
Keys aren't really that controversial, we need them, they work, what else is there to improve upon? It turns out, there's a lot that can be done. Enter Keyport Slide, a device that can consolidate your keys into one small package.
Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Keyport is its modular design, which means that you can continue adding features and attachments to your heart’s content.
The Keyport, now in its second iteration, replaces the bulky, jangly keychain we've all come to despise with a gadget that wouldn't look out of place in a James Bond flick.
As a piece of gear that you're going to use multiple times every single day, it's an investment worth making.

The Keyport Slide 3.0 pocket key holder integrates keys, pocket tools, & smart tech into a modular key organizer & EDC multi-tool.

How it Works

Part smart key holder, part Swiss Army multi-tool, part lost & found service… the Keyport Slide 3.0 is an all-metal, modular multi-purpose key holder that consolidates your existing keys, tool inserts (10-in-1 multi-tool, USB flash drive, pen), and optional smart tech and tool modules (mini-flashlight, pocketknife, charger cable, smart remote + locator). Available in 4-Port and 6-Port versions, the device works with our patented universal head key Blades and Inserts (sold separately).

Building upon the Slide’s unique one-handed access and ultra-compact design, the Slide 3.0 modern key holder is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and hardened spring steel to ensure its durability. It also features an easily removable end cap along with a minimalist lanyard attachment that locks in place when not in use.

To combat the biggest problem associated with keys...losing them, the Slide 3.0 key holder comes with a FREE 2 year subscription to KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously with a click.

Keyport Slide 3.0 Features

The Keyport System integrates stacking modules, custom Faceplates, & our unique Lost & Found Service

Compact & Lightweight

Consolidates keys & pocket tools into a lightweight aircraft aluminum key holder

Convenient One-Handed Access

Deploy any key or tool by simply sliding your thumb, without looking or fumbling

Complements Your Auto Fob

Whether you attach your auto fob to your Slide or carry it separately

Enhanced Everyday Carry

Compatible with Anywhere Tools Modules & custom Faceplates