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If you need to activate a new Keyport ID, or you found a Keyport and need to return it, click the buttons below.

What is KeyportID lost and found service?

Have you been in the unfortunate position of standing around helplessly pulling everything out of your pockets and patting yourself down yelling, "Where are my keys? I can't find my keys!" often followed by multiple expletives? Rest assured, you are not alone. KeyportID is here to help. KeyportID and KeyportID EDC are part of an exclusive lost and found service that uses EDC finder tags (via engraved serial numbers or stickers) along with proprietary messaging technology to help recover lost items efficiently.

Every year, millions of keys and other valuables are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners. Keyport is helping to change that with its KeyportID Lost and Found Service.

To solve the #1 problem associated with keys and other daily carry items… losing them 😢, Keyport has developed an incentivized lost and found program in partnership with our friends at Keyfetch that assists customers in the recovery of lost Keyport devices as well as all of their other everyday carry - wallet, phone, tablet, computer, hard drive, airpod case, camera, backpack, and pretty much anything else that has the potential to get lost or stolen. KeyportID EDC finder tag stickers are strong and water resistant, but we do not recommend adding them to items that are constantly getting wet like a dishwasher safe mug or a surfboard. Other than that, they will protect your favorite EDC for quite a long time.

Keyport ID Success story

Here is one example of a Keyport Lost & Found success story. A friend of a Keyport employee texted him and said  he may have lost his Keyport in a San Diego cab. Two hours later a cab driver called our customer support line saying he found a Keyport in his cab. Within ten minutes of his call, the Keyport was returned! The proud Keyport owner was so happy, he made this graphic for us.


Often referred to as a keychain to not lose keys, every Keyport key organizer comes with a FREE two-year subscription to our exclusive KeyportID lost & found service.

Each Keyport Pivot and Keyport Slide includes a serial number which acts as its KeyportID along with a discrete Reward if Found > inscribed on the chassis.

Once registered at, anyone who finds your Keyport key organizer keychain, if it gets lost, can contact you directly through the KeyportID interface (anonymously on both sides) to coordinate its quick and safe return. Keyport even offers a reward to thank the finder on our customer's behalf.

Oftentimes, Keyport owners are notified before they even know their Keyport is missing.


In addition to protecting our customers' key organizers with KeyportID, we have expanded the program to cover virtually ALL of their everyday carry items using finder tags. Introducing KeyportID EDC.

KeyportID EDC utilizes our exclusive, patented lost and found technology that connects owners and finders directly and anonymously at a click…no middle man, no number to call. You simply add one of the four heavy duty KeyportID EDC finder stickers to your favorite personal items. Good samaritans will do the rest.

How KeyportID lost and found works

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Keyportid Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to activate a new Keyport ID, or you found a Keyport and need to return it, click the buttons below.