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Keyport Faceplates

Keyport Faceplates

Faceplates, let you add your own personal style to your Keyport. Here you can find a wide range of custom printed, limited edition, and barcode faceplates that you can add to your Slide, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools mid-modules.

Faceplates are compatible with the Pivot 1.0, Pivot 2.0, Slide 3.0, Slide 4.0, Module Pocket Clip, and all Mid-Modules. EachΒ FaceplateΒ is individually sold.Β 

If you have a Faceplate idea that you don't see below, please let us know.

Most Popular Faceplates

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Ireland Flag Faceplate
Irish Upon a Bar Faceplate
Kiss Me I'm Irish Faceplate
Lucky Charm Faceplate
Lucky You Faceplate
O'Snap Faceplate
Carbon Fiber FaceplateCarbon Fiber Faceplate
Black Hex Faceplate
Pilot FaceplatePilot Faceplate
Zebrawood FaceplateZebrawood Faceplate
Prism Faceplate
3D Colored Cubes Faceplate
Custom Graphics FaceplateCustom Graphics Faceplate
Keyport barcode faceplate - Compatible with Slide 3.0, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools mid-modulesAdd your favorite gym, grocery, or retail barcode to your Keyport with a custom Keyport barcode faceplate
GPS Lat Long Coordinates FaceplateGPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate
The ONE Faceplate
Glitch in the Matrix Faceplate
Decoder Faceplate
Circuit Board Faceplate
Black & Gold Circuit Board Faceplate
Black Processor Faceplate
Blue Green Gears Faceplate
Steampunk Char Faceplate
Steampunk Gears Faceplate
Liquid Gold Faceplate
Silver Metal Faceplate
Digital Camo FaceplateDigital Camo Faceplate
Orange Woodland Camo FaceplateOrange Woodland Camo Faceplate
Woodland Camo FaceplateWoodland Camo Faceplate
Fashion Camo FaceplateFashion Camo Faceplate
Light Glacier Camo FaceplateLight Glacier Camo Faceplate
Dark Glacier Camo FaceplateDark Glacier Camo Faceplate
Light Grunge Skulls FaceplateLight Grunge Skulls Faceplate
Dark Grunge Skulls FaceplateDark Grunge Skulls Faceplate
Polar Camo FaceplatePolar Camo Faceplate
Brown Red Leather FaceplateBrown Red Leather Faceplate
Classic Brown Leather FaceplateClassic Brown Leather Faceplate
Dark Worn Wood Faceplate
Light Worn Wood FaceplateLight Worn Wood Faceplate
Dark Rust Faceplate
Light Rust Faceplate
Weathered Copper Faceplate
Blue Gray Marble Faceplate
Red Orange Marble Faceplate
Pirate Skull & Cutlasses Faceplate
Samurai Black & White Faceplate
Samurai Japan Faceplate
Samurai Masks Faceplate