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NEW! GPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate

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Your first date, your family home, where you buried your secret treasure... X marks the spot. Or in this case, GPS coordinates mark the spot with the GPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate. The latitude and longitude are subtly printed in black on black so that only the keenest eye will pick it up. A great conversation starter!

To get your special GPS coordinates right from Google Maps:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Right-click the place or area on the map.
  3. Highlight the latitude and longitude coordinates, and copy them.
  4. Place them in the Notes section on your Cart page (see photos)

Every GPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate features a durable stainless spring steel plate staked to a polycarbonate outer shell. The graphics are hardened on the outside of the PC shell with a special ink that is baked on with ultraviolet light and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Note: Each Faceplate is individually sold. 

- No-fastener design clicks on/off base device
- Stainless spring steel mounting plate
- Ergonomic design
- Can be used with Keyport Pivot, Anywhere Pocket Clip (as a money clip), NEBA Module, MOCA II Module, or Keyport Slide 3.0

Materials: PC & Stainless Steel
Graphics: UV Hardened Ink
Dimensions: L: 2.865” H: 0.596” T: 0.105"
Weight: 0.18 oz.

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NEW! GPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate

NEW! GPS Lat Long Coordinates Faceplate