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Article: Introducing Brass PinKey Touch Free Door Opener & Stylus

Introducing Brass PinKey Touch Free Door Opener & Stylus

My Pinky is not a great substitute for a quality touch free door opener button presser like the Keyport Brass PinKey

Since COVID has come into our lives, it is more important than ever to be mindful of what we come into contact with when we venture out of the safety and security of our homes.

Even before COVID, I often used my pinky finger to open public doors, press an elevator button, or tap a touchscreen thinking that it is better than using my index finger which I then use to inadvertently scratch an itch on my face.

Since it is very likely that our current circumstances are going continue through the Fall and most likely into the Winter, we decided to bring you a touch free tool that does the public dirty work for you - open public doors, press elevator buttons, tap on touchscreens, even help you carry grocery bags and other items.

Introducing Brass PinKey, a simple and safe way to interact with your surroundings to help keep you germ free when you are out in public.

Brass PinKey on Keychain

What You Can Do with Brass PinKey

Instead of using your real pinky or any other finger for that matter, you can use Brass PinKey to:

  • Reduce your surface point of contact up to 99%
  • Pull open doors
  • Tap on ATM, checkout touchscreens, or keypads
  • Draw on touchscreens with stylus tip
  • Press elevator buttons
  • Pull drawer handles
  • Activate switches
  • Pull levers
  • Flush toilets
  • Carry grocery bags and other items without touching them

Brass PinKey Sylus

Brass PinKey Contactless Door Pull

Like a hired henchman, Brass PinKey does the dirty work for you.

Since many of our Keyport tools are multi-purpose, why didn't we add a bottle opener or other tools? Well, personally we don't want the same tool we are using to touch potentially contaminated surfaces coming anywhere near our bottles, cans, etc.

Brass PinKey Product Highlights

  • Made of durable and sturdy H62 Brass
  • Dimensions - 2.76" x 1.02" x 0.12" (70mm x 26mm x 3mm)
  • 4.1mm diameter hole - Fits a wide array of keychains and the Keyport Pivot
  • Weight - 0.49 oz (14g)
  • Includes two 0.24" x 0.43" x 0.12" (6mm x 11mm x 3mm) silicone tips for better conductivity on touchscreens

Antimicrobial Copper

H62 Brass is also called antimicrobial copper because of its antimicrobial properties which occur naturally in copper or copper alloy with a copper content of 60% or above. Copper can effectively reducing the presence of infectious diseases and cross infections by acting on germs and viruses. It is a natural, strong, non-toxic, human-friendly antimicrobial material. H62 Brass represents a copper content of approximately 62%. Many similar products you find on Amazon do not contain 60%+ copper or are painted over which significantly reduces their ability to fight germs in comes into contact with.

Compact Size

One of the most unique features of Brass PinKey is its small size (less than three inches long... about the size of your pinky finger). Not only can you add Brass PinKey to virtually any keychain, it is smaller than other similar brass touch free door openers and fits securely into a Keyport Pivot.

Brass PinKey in Keyport Pivot

One of the primary design features of the Pivot is that we load keys and tools on one end only instead of two like several other key organizers. We designed it this way to make sure that all keys and tools are safely stowed in the Pivot and not sticking out so that they can get caught on other items in pocket. This design allows the Brass PinKey to fit into the Pivot, and while the "hook" piece does stick out slightly, it allows the primary touch point to remain covered while retracted in the Pivot so that it doesn't come into contact with everything in your pocket.

Contactless Stylus

One of the issues we have seen with other touch free door openers is that the brass tip does not always work very well on touchscreens. We have included 2 silicone tips that you can add to your Brass PinKey if you come into contact with a lot of touchscreens or need to use it as a stylus. Just make sure to keep a little air in the tip as it seems to work much better that way.

Brass PinKey contactless multi-purpose tool makes your public outings safer. Click here to get your Brass PinKey.

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