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Notch Classic Adjustable Black Ponytail Operator Cap

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Sale price$42.00 CAD


Maximize style and functionality with the Notch Ponytail Operator Cap: Designed for active use with a special ponytail slot and patented eyewear notch. Equip your cranium with a Notch compatible Anywhere Tools Kit for the ultimate in headspace optimization – where smarts meet parts for your everyday carry.

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Notch Classic Adjustable Black Ponytail Operator Cap
Notch Classic Adjustable Black Ponytail Operator Cap Sale price$42.00 CAD

Product Description

Upgrade your everyday carry with the Notch Classic Adjustable Black Ponytail Operator Cap, tailor-made for both style and utility. This cap features an innovative slot for ponytails or high buns, ensuring comfort and convenience for all hair types. It incorporates patented notch technology for a flawless fit with any eyewear, eliminating the common struggle for face space. Made from 100% cotton, this adjustable, low-profile cap is perfect not just for workouts but for any daily activity. Its thoughtful design includes a customizable front area for patches and an ear-friendly structure without the top button, promoting a blend of functionality and style

Works with Virtually Any Style of Eyewear

The Standard Notch is designed to work with most wrap-around or sport style sunglasses, shooting glasses, and safety glasses. These styles have a curved appearance, designed to conform to the contour of the head.


The Terra Notch™ is designed to work with most aviator or fashion style sunglasses as well as prescription eyewear. These styles are more squared off at the corners, causing the frame to sit further away from the face.

Keyport Anywhere Tools + Notch

Integrating Keyport's innovative Anywhere Tools with the Notch Classic Adjustable Black Operator Cap elevates both style and functionality. Attach the Module Pocket Clip to your cap for an enhanced EDC experience, ensuring your essential tools are always within reach. This combination showcases the ultimate fusion of practicality and fashion, making it a must-have for any EDC enthusiast looking to optimize their daily carry in a sleek, efficient manner.

Features include:

  • Patented Notch technology
  • Works with virtually any style of eyewear SEE THE PERFECT FIT GUIDE
  • Rugged 100% cotton twill fabric
  • Back slot perfect for pulling your high ponytail or bun through
  • Monochromatic logo on back right panel
  • 3" x 2" front hook & loop allows for customization with the patch of your choice
  • Ear pro friendly, no button on top. 1" x 1" hook & loop patch in place of button
  • Unstructured low profile fit
  • Low profile hook & loop closure strap
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