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Keyport Lost & Found

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Exclusive Lost & Found Service for Keyport Users

To register or return a Keyport Slide 3.0 or Keyport Pivot, click here to visit KeyportID.

To return a Keyport Slide 2.0 or Keyport Slide V.01, call us at (855) KEYPORT (539-7678) x1 or email us at

Every year, millions of keys and other valuables are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners. Keyport is helping to change that. To solve the biggest problem associated with keys and other daily carry items… losing them, Keyport is the first company to develop an incentivized lost and found program that assists its customers in the recovery of lost devices. Over the years, we have assisted in the recovery of hundreds of Keyports, saving our customers the pain and high cost of having to rekey locks, purchase expensive new key fobs, and purchase all of the other items they had previously attached to their bulky keychains. Unlike Bluetooth, KeyportID works anywhere, anytime. It doesn't require wifi, Bluetooth connectivity, or a mesh network, and it won't drain your phone's battery. Compare that to the cost of a Bluetooth tracker... or the cost of replacing all your keys and re-keying your locks if you ever lose your keychain.

We continue to improve our Lost and Found program, making it easier for owners and finders to get in touch quickly, to facilitate a smooth hand-off, and to thank finders for their kindness.

We’ve upgraded our Lost & Found program by partnering with KeyFetch to create KeyportID - an online lost & found service that connects owners and finders directly and anonymously at a click…no middle man, no number to call. We even offer a reward if found as an added incentive to those who find and help reunite our customers with their lost items. There is simply no faster, smarter, or easier way to protect your Keyport (KeyportID) and other valuables (KeyportID Premium).