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Keyport Key Blade Blanks & Traditional Key Blanks

Here you can find Keyport Key Blade blanks as well as a wide range of standard residential and commercial key blanks for home, mail, auto, motorcycle, work, and so much more.

If this is your first time ordering a Keyport Slide, we highly recommend you order Standard Blades for all your keys and let our key experts identify the correct Key Blades for you.

If you are re-ordering Keyport Blades from a previous order and you know your key codes, you can search for them in the search box above. If you have any new keys, please order Standard Blades and let our key experts identify the correct blanks to send you.

International customers outside North America, please click here.

If you are ordering standard key blanks (traditional key blanks with the full key head on them), just make sure to choose the Standard Key Blank.

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