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Article: MOCA I vs. MOCA II - What's the Difference?

MOCA I vs. MOCA II - What's the Difference?

M.O.C.A = Measure. Open. Cut. Anywhere.

Back in 2016, we launched our first all-in-one pocket tool, the TSA friendly MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool. It was designed exclusively for the Keyport Pivot, but when we started selling it on Amazon it quickly became a top selling tool in its class for an array of customers using regular keychains and various key organizers, not just the Pivot.


MOCA I vs. MOCA II (shown with Anywhere Pocket Clip)

But the largest group of our own customers (Slide users) felt left out, and requests poured in to make the MOCA fit the Slide 3.0. So, of course we started working on it, and the MOCA II was born as a major part of our Anywhere Tools collection that was launched on Kickstarter in 2018. The Anywhere Tools line is a series of stacking modular tools and related products that works on our newer Anywhere Pocket Clip and is also compatible with the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the Keyport Pivot.

The most unique feature of the MOCA II is that while it is a fixed all-in-one tool like the MOCA I, its stowed in a handle similar to a Swiss Army pocket knife. We had to invent a new type of internal spring latch with a tiny spring steel bar that interacts with a stainless steel cylinder in the handle the locks it in place in the stowed position. To keep the deployment action smooth but not feel too loose so it can stay in any position up to 180 degrees, we sandwiched the tool between a phosphor-bronze washer and chrome plated spring washer. It took quite a few prototypes to get it right, but well worth the effort. 

The major differences between the tool itself on the MOCA II vs. the MOCA I is the Philips screwdriver tip and the 1cm ruler in addition to the 1" ruler on the other side. So the MOCA II has 11 tools in one instead of 10 tools in one like the original MOCA I. For both tools, the most popular features are the cord cutter / box opener and the bottle opener. With the internal cutter at the end of the tool, it makes it easy to dig under tape and slice when opening a box, and since there's no sharp tip like a regular knife or box opener, you wont damage the contents inside your package.


The MOCA II's scale has the same 3 square holes as the Pivot chassis and some of our other Modules like the NEBA Knife and the Pocketknife. The holes are receptacles for our unique stacking system so you can add custom Faceplates or another Module on top to create your own custom multi-tool to fit your personal needs.

Buy MOCA 10-in-1 Insert (perfect for the Keyport Pivot) in the Keyport Store

Buy MOCA II 11-in-1 Module (perfect for Keyport Slide) in the Keyport Store

Buy MOCA I or MOCA II on Amazon

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