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Article: Help Keyport Raise Autism Awareness

Help Keyport Raise Autism Awareness

April is World Autism Awareness Month, and it is very important to us as a member of our extended family has autism.

Meet Ella, a member of the Keyport family
Please meet Aimee's daughter, Ella. For those of you who don't know Aimee, she heads up all of our customer support and fulfillment. If you have contacted us anytime in the last ten years, there is a very good chance that Aimee took care of you. Ella visits our HQ often and has even helped us label products and packaging on occasion (she is really good at it). It is our strong wish to help make Ella's World a kinder and more inclusive place.
Autism Awareness Pocket Clip
Your can help us raise funds and autism awareness this month. $1 of every Autism Faceplate and Autism Medical Alert Clip will go to Las Vegas based FEAT - Families for Effective Autism Treatment. Snap a photo of your Keyport with the Autism Faceplate or Medical Alert Clip with the hashtag #autismawareness.

We are also collecting old keys and turning them into cash. So, if you happen to live in the area, drop by, say hi (from a safe distance), and drop off any old keys you may have.
Keyport Keys 4 Autism
In addition to donating, we want to raise awareness of what you can do to help. So here are a couple items we found that are worth a read.
Autism Signs by
How to Support People with Autism by the Department of Health
Some Autism organizations worthy of your support:

A few additional Autism related resources: - Free guide to internet safety for people with autism spectrum disorder

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