Since launching our new Anywhere Tools stacking modules we've heard that some users are having a difficult time deploying the MOCA II Module and NEBA Knife Module in a stacked configuration. So, we made a video which also shows how to deploy our Anywhere Tools with nail nicks and a common Swiss Army Knife using the tiny nail nicks provided on some of their tools.

The nail nicks on our tools are actually much bigger and easier to work with than most Swiss Army Knife tools. If you can master this technique, you will be able to deploy any type of slip-joint or rotating tool that has a nail nick, quickly and effeciently.

How to deploy a knife blade or tool using the nail nick on a Swiss Army Knife or Keyport Anywhere Tools.

With this method, you simply use the back of your fingernail as a lever while inserting the end of your fingernail into the nail nick on the tool. Then just rotate your finger slightly against the tool, and the tool you are deploying will will pop up. After it's up slightly, just grab the tool with your other finger and rotate it out the rest of the way. This deployment method works really well, no matter what size the nail nick is, even if you have short fingernails.

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