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Article: Yonomi Is Sunsetting Its Consumer App

Yonomi Is Sunsetting Its Consumer App

Yonomi App Sunset

Those of you who have an OmniFob may have received direct notice from Yonomi by now that they are sunsetting their consumer app on Friday, September 29th. If you haven't seen it yet, you can read the official email here.

This affects OmniFob as it is one of its direct connections. For OmniFob owners, there is nothing for you to do other than to know that we will be removing the Yonomi connection from the Keyport app on our next update expected to be before 9/29.

yonomi app

While it is disappointing to lose such a valued partner and useful smart home service, it is important to note that Samsung SmartThings can handle nearly all of the smart devices that Yonomi's app can support... and its ecosystem is much larger overall.

Samsung SmartThings


Samsung SmartThings Station is compatible with the Keyport OmniFob

Samsung SmartThings is a home automation platform that allows users to connect, manage, and control smart devices and IoT products from various manufacturers within a unified ecosystem. The platform is highly versatile and supports a wide range of devices, including lights, speakers, cameras, and thermostats. Among its compatible accessories is Keyport's OmniFob, which can integrate with SmartThings to control multiple smart devices, making everyday tasks more convenient. Many of the devices don't even require the Samsung SmartThings hub to work.

Learn more about Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings App on Apple App Store

SmartThings App on Google Play Store

Got questions? Visit our OmniFob channel on Discord.

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