Keys + Pocket Tools + Smart Tech + Lost & Found All-in-One

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Choose between two limited edition 4-Port Options



The shortcut remote for your smart devices


Keyport Pivot 2.0

Modular Key Organizer + Multi-Tool in One

New! Digital Business Card

Keyport x Popl Digital Me Key is now available

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Keyport Pivot 2.0

Available in Titanium, Stainless, or Aluminum

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RFID Key Insert

Copy your RFID Fob or Card into a tiny key

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“This handy device combines pretty much everything into a single, compact package that’s completely customizable.”
"Keep keys condensed—and in easily accessible order—with this utility key chain."
“Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Keyport is its modular design, which means that you can continue adding features and attachments to your heart’s content.”
"Who is this for? Honestly? Probably everyone, because it's modular. You can change it up for your personal needs... ...this thing is incredible."
"The Pivot is an amazing multi-tool that has the ability to really transform your daily life and activities.”
“It looks good and feels even better in your hand. You can also add expansion tools to the Pivot to further its functionality.”
"The Keyport is intended to complement an individual's smart phone by collecting most, if not all, your pocket clutter into one location."
“As a piece of gear that you're going to use multiple times every single day, it's an investment worth making.”

Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1

Pre-orders are now live! the Slide provides unique one-handed access to your most essential keys, tools, & tech. With its modern design, wide range of features, patented Key Blades, & unparalleled style, the Slide is the most iconic key holder ever.

"As a piece of gear that you're going to use multiple times every single day, it's an investment worth making." ~

Keyport Pivot 2.0

This modular, Swiss Army style key organizer integrates keys, pocket tools, & smart tech plus exclusive KeyportID lost & found program. The Pivot features a proprietary locking mechanism & a 360 degree swivel lanyard that locks down when not in use.

"Think Swiss Army, but for keys & with the ability to completely customize the attachments." ~ Forbes


OmniFob is like having multiple smart buttons, apps, & fobs in one remote that will either supercharge your keychain or replace your keys & cumbersome vehicle fobs altogether. Attach it to your Keyport or Anywhere Tools for the ultimate smart EDC solution.

"With its relatively simple button interaction, you can start your car, open your garage door, unlock your door, switch on/off your lights... ...& even find your phone" ~ Yanko Design

Digital Me Key™

The Popl x Keyport Electronic Business Card eliminates the need to carry expensive and frequently outdated paper business cards. Now you can carry an NFC enabled Keyport compatible alternative that will ensure you make a memorable first impression.

""We’re all connected digitally in 2023, and there really isn’t any more space in our minimalist wallets for more business cards..."" ~

Why Keyport?

Keyport has been transforming personal access by designing streamlined access solutions at the intersection of utility, convenience, & style since 2005. With Keyport, you can get rid of pocket clutter & create your very own multi-tool 2.0 that artfully integrates keys, remotes, pocket tools, & smart tech plus lost & found. Our goal is not only to refine your everyday carry, but also to elevate it for the modern lifestyle.