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Article: Pre-Order the Limited Edition Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1

Pre-Order the Limited Edition Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1

Keyport Slide 4.0

After a two+ year long hiatus, the Keyport Slide is returning!

We are excited to launch a pre-order for the Limited Edition Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1 which will open to the public on Tuesday, 1/24 at 12pm PT.

Pre-orders will be fulfilled in batches on a first come, first served basis. The first batch will take approximately 14 weeks from our production purchase order with the manufacturer followed closely by subsequent batches.

Over the course of Tuesday morning, we will be notifying the following (in order):

  • Keyport Discord VIKs
  • Keyport Discord + Pivot Now, Slide Later discount holders
  • VIP SMS Subscribers
  • VIP Newsletter Email Subscribers
  • Previous Keyport Kickstarter Backers

About the Slide 4.0 LE1

Infusing utility with style, the Limited Edition 4-Port Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1 is a premium, all-metal key organizer that consolidates your keys, pocket tools, and smart tech into an indispensable universal access device.

What Differentiates the Slide from Other Key Organizers

  • Ultra premium - Top quality materials, machined, hand assembled, limited edition
  • Unique form factor - Reduces keys, lightweight, compact, and makes keys cool
  • One-handed access - The ONLY key organizer with true one-handed access
  • Keyport Key Blades - Proprietary one-size-fits-all heads that significantly reduce the size and weight of traditional keys
  • Modularity - Incorporates Keyport's one-of-a-kind modular everyday carry system
  • Lost & Found - Includes a FREE 2-year subscription to KeyportID recovery service

The Limited Edition Slide comes in two material/color options:

  • Black Anodized Aluminum @ $69 *
  • Natural Titanium @ $129 *

Blades, Modules, Inserts, and Accessories sold separately

Keyport Slide 4.0 Modularity

The Slide features Keyport's one-of-kind modularity with a range of superior quality tech and tool modules. Simply snap on a Module or Faceplates and remove it just as easily by depressing the Slide 4.0's new module release tabs.

What We Have Improved Since the Slide 3.0

  • Removable stainless steel bezel (strongest to date)
  • Front loading Keyport Key Blades
  • Module/Faceplate removal lever mechanism
  • Spring loaded detachable D-ring
  • New material option - Titanium
  • Limited edition serial number

As an ode to the original Slide design that took the internet by storm back in 2007, the unique modular design features a stainless steel detachable bezel (to load your Key Blades and Keyport Inserts), stainless steel Nodes to smoothly deploy and retract your keys and tools, and a spring loaded detachable minimalist D-ring for attaching loose items. It comes in two material options - 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Grade 5 Titanium. Ultra compact (2.87” x 0.83” x 0.59” / 73mm x 21mm x 15mm) and lightweight (1.1 - 1.3 oz), the Slide is the ONLY key organizer with truly one-handed access. To maintain its minimal form, the Slide utilizes Keyport's proprietary Key Blades which replace your existing keys (locks stay the same) and which feature a one-size-fits-all head, thereby removing half of the size and weight of traditional keys.

Each Slide 4.0 LE1 comes with a FREE two-year subscription to our exclusive KeyportID lost & found service. Every Slide 4.0 has a unique serial number laser engraved on the metal housing along with a discrete Reward if Found > logo. Simply register your Slide 4.0, and you have the assurance a good samaritan can get if back to you anonymously and privately if you ever lose it.

Here are the previous posts on the Limited Edition Slide 4.0:

Slide 4.0 Launch by Bhead on Discord

Graphic by @theBHead and shared on our Discord - We ❤️ the enthusiasm!

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