Slide 4.0 LE1 Titanium Parts - Yes, all these parts in one LE1
Slide 4.0 LE1 Titanium Parts


This blog post will address the most popular questions we have received over the past couple of weeks about the Slide 4.0 LE1. While much of this information can be found on the Slide page, we hope that it will clear up any confusion and get you excited for what is coming.


We have already received both Aluminum and Titanium prototypes, and we have made a few small adjustments to the design to improve production and functionality as a result.

Slide 4.0 Titanium Prototypes

Slide 4.0 Titanium prototypes

We have also already completed the longest lead time MIM tooling because we started that well in advance. We received the first MIM part samples for the Bezel and Link a few weeks ago along with the titanium prototypes. The first two prototypes had 3D printed metal components for these parts. Here's a picture so you can see the difference.

First samples from production MIM tooling on the left, 3D printed prototypes on the right.

First samples from production MIM tooling on the left, 3D printed prototypes on the right. 

All progressive die tooling for the stamped parts is nearing completion. Wire EDM and machining is also under way for the pilot run. Because the titanium parts take so long to machine, we are cutting blanks with Wire EDM prior to the machining process, see below. As you can see, there is a lot of time and processing that goes into each of these machined parts, especially titanium.

 Titanium Cap blanks after Wire EDM on the left, Titanium Caps after machining on the right.

Titanium Cap blanks after Wire EDM on the left, Titanium Caps after machining on the right. 


delivery schedule


We expect our pilot run to ship from our manufacturer on 4/27, and it will take approximately ten days for us to receive the shipment. A pilot run is a small number of units that are the first to be created with production tooling. It allows us to do a final test of the parts, production tooling, and assembly before proceeding with the bulk of the production run. It also allows us to get a few units into the hands of our beta testers once we have put them through our initial testing at HQ.

While our VIKs have earned most of the beta testing spots, we will be selecting 3 additional beta testers. More about that to come in a follow up post.


All pre-orders placed by 2/5

We currently estimate the Batch #1 shipment to arrive in the U.S. around 6/1. We will need approximately two weeks to QC, test, and package the Slides as well as fulfill any other items in your pre-orders. Shipments will begin as soon as we can thereafter.


All pre-orders placed between 2/6 and 3/31

We estimate Batch #2 to ship approximately 4 weeks after Batch #1 around 7/1. We will need approximately one week to QC, test, and package as well as fulfill any other items in your pre-orders. Shipments will begin as soon as we can thereafter.


All pre-order placed after 3/31

We estimate Batch #3 to ship approximately 3 - 4 weeks after Batch #2 around 7/28.


Please note that there are a lot of moving parts in this process including quality control and testing, which has a significant impact upon whether or not we can deliver on this schedule. We are confident in our estimates, but we have done enough manufacturing to know that issues crop up from time to time. Fulfilling your Slide 4.0 is our top priority, and we are doing everything we can to hit our fulfillment goals. We will keep you posted on our progress and let you know if anything in our schedule changes.


What does Limited Edition Pre-Order mean?

You have placed a pre-order for a Limited Edition Slide 4.0 LE1. So, what exactly does this mean?

Limited Edition means that there are certain elements of this product that make it unique from future large scale production units. These include:

  • LE serial numbers
  • Machined chassis
  • Limited Edition Tins

Pre-order means that we place the order once we have an indication of the quantity. We placed the first purchase order with our manufacturer within a week of going live with the pre-order. Essentially, these are made-to-order. Because we have minimum order quantities, we may or may not have some units available after the pre-order closes. We just don't know.

What is included with the Slide 4.0?

4 color Stainless Steel Node Set - Black, White, Red, Blue 2-year subscription to

  • KeyportID Lost & Found service
  • Limited Edition Slide 4.0
  • LE1 Tin Packaging
  • Keyport LE1 sticker

Keyport Slide LE1 Packaging

Limited Edition Metal Tin Packaging 

What is NOT included with the Slide 4.0?

The Slide 4.0 does NOT come with Faceplates.

Rather than increasing the price to include two Faceplates which, in most cases, would be quickly replaced by Modules and other custom Faceplates, we decided it was best to sell the Slide the same way in which we do the modular Pivot 2.0.

Key Blades are NOT included with the purchase of your Slide 4.0.

If you have existing Blades from a previous Slide purchase, they are compatible with the Slide 4.0.

If you need to purchase new Keyport Key Blades, add the Standard Key Blade (and quantity) to your cart. Then complete a Key ID Form so that we can identify your keys by key type and provide you with the correct Key Blades you can take to any locksmith to be duplicated from your original set.

What exactly is compatible with the Slide 4.0?

The Keyport Slide 4.0 is compatible with ALL existing Faceplates, Modules, Accessories, and Keyport Key Blades. It is also compatible with the USB 2.0s, USB 3.0s, and Pen Insert.

What happens if I decide to cancel?

One of the differences between our pre-order and a crowdfunding campaign is that a crowdfunding campaign does not allow cancellations. While we do allow cancellations if you no longer wish to continue with your pre-order, it is important to note that you will not be able to place another pre-order for the Slide 4.0 or for future pre-orders we initiate. This is not a punishment, but rather it is protection for this project and for future projects because we depend upon the revenue from these pre-orders to assist us in bringing the product to fruition. Oftentimes with these Limited Runs, the profit margins are very tight, and every dollar is critical to the project's success. Cancellations can leave us scrambling on orders we have already committed to.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


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