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Vegas Skyline F@ceplate

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Sale price$9.99 USD


  • UV Printed
  • End of Stack
Color:White on Black
Vegas Skyline F@ceplate
Vegas Skyline F@ceplate Sale price$9.99 USD

Product Description


Keyport Faceplates are removable side plates that allow you to customize your Keyport PivotKeyport Slide or Anywhere Tools Bundles by Keyport.

The Vegas Skyline Faceplate includes some special perks:

  • 20% OFF discount on all Keyport products @ HQ in-person visit
  • VIP tour of HQ

Every Vegas Skyline Faceplate features a durable stainless spring steel plate staked to a polycarbonate outer shell. The graphics are hardened on the outside of the PC shell with a special ink that is baked on with ultraviolet light and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Note: Each Faceplate is individually sold. 

- No-fastener design clicks on/off base device
- Stainless spring steel mounting plate
- Ergonomic design
- Can be used with Keyport PivotModule Pocket Clip (as a money clip), NEBA ModuleMOCA2 ModuleKeyport Slide 3.0, or the Keyport Slide 4.0.

Materials: PC & Stainless Steel
Graphics: UV Hardened Ink
Dimensions: L: 2.865” H: 0.596” T: 0.105"
Weight: 0.18 oz.

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