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Article: Run Yonomi Smart Home Routines with Omnifob™

Run Yonomi Smart Home Routines with Omnifob™

Yonomi works with OmniFob

We are excited to announce our OmniFob™ partnership with Yonomi, a leading IoT company enabling a more connected smart home. OmniFob users will now be able to connect to their Yonomi account and control any of their favorite routines (which the user sets up in the app) with the simple click of a button on their OmniFob.

Run Yonomi on OmniFob

The free Yonomi app makes it easier to connect and control a wide range of smart home devices from one central view. One of Yonomi’s biggest advantages is that the Yonomi app serves as a virtual hub for your smart devices, and you don’t need to purchase a hub like Samsung SmartThings saving you around $70 plus shipping. Each time you initiate a routine (action or set of actions), the app will send out the requisite commands to your devices.



Routines are at the heart of the Yonomi App - they allow you to personalize your smart home for optimal comfort and efficiency. Like scenes in HomeKit, you can set up an action or set of actions for your connected devices called routines. Whether completely new to smart home or an avid IoT user, Yonomi runs the gamut, from simple turning on/off a single device to complex processes automated only at certain times or under specific conditions. Similar in concept to creating an applet in IFTTT, you can setup routines using the following process: “when this happens, run this action.” Yonomi also adds, “but only if…” to give you even greater specificity in setting up and triggering your smart actions.

Yonomi Setup

Setup with Yonomi is pretty easy! Once you download the Yonomi app either for iOS or Android, you need to create an account. Yonomi will then discover and connect to any compatible devices on your Wi-Fi network. Just follow the prompts to complete the connection(s). If not all your devices could be automatically detected, you can search for and add them manually. Once your devices are setup, you can create your routines.

Alexa & Google Home Integration

Yonomi’s smart voice assistant integration with Alexa and Google Home adds another layer of control. With Alexa, any routines you make in Yonomi show up as devices in the Alexa app. This allows for a more natural language, and you can integrate Yonomi routines into Alexa routines. With Google Home, you are able to say “Activate” or “Turn On / Off (routine name),” and you don’t even need to use the word Yonomi in the command.


Yonomi is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices. You can find the full list here.

Yonomi Ecosystem


Once you have everything setup in Yonomi, it is very easy to connect your account to your OmniFob. Simply click on Add Device and then Enable Hubs & Apps in the OmniFob app to connect Yonomi and import your favorite routines. From there, you can control your everything with just a click of a button on your OmniFob.

Smart Home with OmniFob

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