OmniFob works with Chipolo

While we have mentioned Chipolo on a number of occasions, we are excited to officially announce our partnership. Every OmniFob comes with a built-in BLE locator powered by Chipolo.

OmniFob works with Chipolo

Chipolo is one of the leading locator developers in the World. Their ultra reliable products include the Chipolo CLASSIC, Chipolo ONE, and Chipolo CARD (flat for wallets, folders, etc.), along with a host of Chipolo partner products.

Use the free Chipolo app to connect your OmniFob and your Chipolos. Ring them from the app or ring your phone, even if it’s on silent.

OmniFob + Chipolo BLE Locator

Setting up your OmniFob with Chipolo is a breeze. Simply download the Chipolo app and pair your OmniFob with it.

Find OmniFob with Chipolo

Now you can use the Chipolo app to locate your OmniFob whenever your need to. You can also use your OmniFob to ring your phone. Chipolo also works with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa so you can train each of them to "Find my OmniFob."

You can even trigger your camera for the perfect selfie using Chipolo's remote camera trigger on your OmniFob.



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