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Article: Keyport Slide 4.0 Is Coming

Keyport Slide 4.0 Is Coming

It’s a fact, the Keyport Slide is the most beloved product we've ever made. All the emails, tweets, and other comments on our socials we get every week to bring back the Slide have been much appreciated, including the angry ones 😆 Trust me, we've been just as frustrated as you guys about the lack of Slides. The Slide will always be our flagship product and the OG key organizer.

Keyport Slide is Back Meme by SirisTheGreat on our Discord

After our last update, “Keyport Slide - What’s Next?” was posted in April 2021, we had a few further setbacks and had to rescind the original timeline on that blog post last October. But today, we're happy to announce the highly anticipated Slide 4.0 development is back in full swing and we're working on a way to get a new Slide out as soon as we can. Here's a few FAQs we've been getting. If you have further questions, drop a comment below and we'll do our best to address your questions in a future update. 

Will I really need new Key Blades?

One major factor that’s going to allow us to accelerate the project from here is a breakthrough in the new Key Blade 2.0. In our last Slide update we said that we are working on a new Key Blade 2.0, and that your old Key Blades would only be  compatible with the first three versions of the Slide and not be compatible with the Slide's 4th iteration. The good news is that since then, we have invented a way to make older Blades compatible with the 4.0. So, while we are planning to release a new Key Blade 2.0 at some point, it will not be at the same time as the Slide 4.0, and all your current Blades will work in the 4.0! This will make the project move much faster on many levels and allow us to focus more emphasis on the Slide itself. This is especially good news for our international customers and those who have high-security keys that are already converted to Keyport compatible Key Blades. To clarify even further, when the Key Blade 2.0 is released, existing Slide users will not be required to update their current Key Blades. It will be optional since they will be cross-compatible with all Slides.

What will the Slide 4.0 look like?

Slide 4 Profile

We'd like to say we are redesigning the Slide 4.0 from the ground up, but the fact is, there are some design constraints. If we want to keep the new Slide compatible with our existing modular ecosystem, we have to use the same profile as our current Modules, Faceplates, Pivot Key Organizers, and Slide 3.0. Also, since your existing Keyport Blades are going to be compatible, the same push-button actuator Nodes must also be compatible. Regardless of these constraints, we’re making quite a few updates. I want to clarify something else before I get into the updates. They are all mechanical updates - nothing electronic or tool related. Since the Slide is modular, all electronic updates and additional tools will  be done as add-on modules or inserts. For example, we’re not going to add a light to the Slide itself, because a light can be added onto the outside like our optional Pocket Flare Module. Or possibly as an Insert, like we’ve done in the past. This allows us to focus our efforts on the best of breed tech and tools instead of integrating something less extraordinary just for the sake of incorporating it into the device itself. So, think of your Slide and Pivot as the foundation upon which you will build the rest of your custom multi-tool to your exact specs.

What design updates will it have compared to the 3.0? 

  • Overall stronger design
  • Stronger front bezel 
  • No removable end cap 
  • Different Blade loading/removal procedure
  • New Module release mechanism 
  • New D-ring design
  • Various material options
  • More features TBA

What’s Compatible?

All of our existing Keyport Modules including Faceplates, MOCA 2 Module, NEBA Knife Module, OmniFob Module, Pocket Flare Module, WeeLINK Module, Chip Module, Pocketknife Module (original), RFID Holder Module, Flashlight Module (original), Pivot Pocket Clip, and the new KO Pocket Clip will all work with the Slide 4.0. Whew…that’s a lot of Modules we’ve built over the years. Also, the Pen Insert and Flash Drive Insert will also be compatible.

Future Updates

Praise Keyport Meme Meme by SirisTheGreat on our Discord

We’d like to keep you guys informed much more frequently from here on out. We will be selecting a Beta Team that will have access to more detailed updates, prototypes, etc. This team will be organized on a private Discord channel but the public Slide channel is available to everyone. If you’re not on our Discord yet, join here.

Thank you for your continued patience and outstanding support over the years. Our entire team is very excited to bring you the next iteration of the Keyport Slide.

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