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Article: Keyport's New RFID Key via

Keyport's New RFID Key via

Do you have a key fob or access card you would wish would fit in your Keyport Pivot? We can now help you do just that through our new partner, CloneMyKey. Founded in March of 2013, CloneMyKey was the first company to offer copying services for key fobs and access cards commonly used in apartments, condos, and offices. CMK's specialty remains copying radio frequency identification (RFID) based keys, but they also support other technologies including high-security smartcard, iButton®, and magnetic key technologies.

The Keyport RFID Key was co-designed and developed with CloneMyKey to be compatible with the Keyport Pivot 1.0 and Keyport Pivot 2.0 key organizers. It’s shaped to fit perfectly within the Keyport Pivot’s chassis and it's only 1mm thick so it hardly takes up any space on your key stack.  To use it, just rotate it out of the Pivot and hold it close to the reader.

Keyport RFID Key

CloneMyKey is an expert in RFID technology, which is why we partnered with them to handle all copying services for the Keyport RFID Key. They can copy everything from the simple 125 kHz low-frequency RFID keys to the more sophisticated 13.56 mHz high-frequency RFID keys commonly found in modern offices and apartment buildings. All orders for the Keyport RFID Key are processed via

How to Order the Keyport RFID Key

In CMK's key cloning wizard, simply click the “NEW KEY” button and follow the step by step process to find your specific RFID key, or you will be given the option to upload a photo of your RFID key and let the experts at CMK do the work for you. Depending on the type of RFID key you have, you may be able to complete the entire process online using their Snap N’ Send option. Otherwise, you may be required to use the mail in service, and send an actual copy of your RFID key to CMK. Once you confirm your RFID Key type you will be shown a list of available form factors to purchase including the KEYPORT RFID KEY (STYLE 45).

Keyport Compatible RFID Key Use Cases

Here are a couple of ways the Keyport RFID Key can be used.

RFID Safes and Gun Boxes

Buy this RPNB Gun Safe on Amazon -

RFID Cabinet Locks - These are great way to secure your meds and other valuables from kids.

Buy this ETEKJOY RFID Cabinet Lock on Amazon -

If you're using an RFID Fob or Card in a different way, please let us know in the comments below.


Is it possible to copy a key fob?

Yes, it is possible to copy most key fobs currently used in the market today. Some key fobs are easy to copy while others take specialized equipment. When you copy a key fob, the original key fob must stay activated for the copy to work. Some newer key fob formats use encryption making them more difficult to copy, while only a select few formats are still impossible.

How do I know if I have an RFID, Magnetic, or iButton key fob?

To properly identify your key, simply use CMK's wizard linked below. It is a guided process that will help you determine if we can copy your key and which options are currently available -

There is a number printed on my key. Can you use it to make a copy?

Yes, with their Snap N' Send service, CMK can often make a duplicate using the printed serial number on your key. Most keys only display part of the required key data on the outside of the key. CMK has proprietary access to a database that contains the missing data for most locations around the United States and even many in Canada.

Can you clone parking garage passes?

Yes, CloneMyKey often can clone parking passes if the format is listed on their compatibility page. Please be aware that many parking system use a feature called anti-passback which tracks if the vehicle is inside the garage or not. If this feature is enabled then any copied passes will still only allow one vehicle in at once. If you are required to scan your parking pass to exit the garage there is a high likelihood that the anti-passback feature is being used.

Please note that CMK can only duplicate parking passes that are listed on their compatibility page. Many parking passes use technology they cannot copy. If your parking pass works at distances greater than 12 inches, there is a high likelihood CMK cannot copy it.

See more FAQs on

CloneMyKey Origins began in a college apartment at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The founder, Bryan Tintes, a computer science student who didn't like the idea of paying an outrageous fee for a second key fob, successfully developed his first method for duplicating RFID based proximity keys. Since then the company has rapidly expanded to serve customers in over 35 countries and has saved customers more than $5 million dollars by offering a low-cost alternative to expensive RFID key duplication services.

CloneMyKey also offers specialized and unique RFID access control supplies for customers ranging from property management firms to Fortune Global 500 technology companies as well as government entities, including defense & intelligence agencies. The company’s public portfolio includes Marriott Hotels, Samsung, Honeywell, Sandia National Lab, Aegis Defense, Hubb NYC, Dormigo, and the Canadian federal government. In addition, CloneMyKey provides physical security and product design consulting services, advising several notable companies including Microsoft, Palace of Westminster, and others.

NOTE: CloneMyKey is a replacement/duplicate key service which is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed/sponsored by, the original key provider. 

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