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Article: How To Keep Your Physical & Digital Personal Items Secure ūüĒź

How To Keep Your Physical & Digital Personal Items Secure ūüĒź

Stay safe in a digital world

While Keyport products are designed for utility, convenience, and style, security is also a key component. Here are a few suggestions to keeping your physical and digital items, including your identity, secure:

Password Management

1. Take password protection seriously. Don't use the same password for everything, and make sure to use longer passwords (min. 8 characters) with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Here's a good article on the importance of strong, secure passwords by Secure Data Recovery as well as list of password suggestions.


1Password to keep your digital life secure and manage your passwords.


1Password is an easy way to store and use strong passwords. In addition to a desktop version, they have browser based versions for macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. They also have phone and tablet (iOS, Android) options too. Try 1Password for FREE!

Personal Identity Protection

2. DO NOT connect to public WiFi if possible. If you have to, make sure you're using a VPN like Proton VPN. Check out the Wall of Sheep, a DEF CON classic, if you want to see what can happen to your information on a public WiFi network.

Don't connect to a public WiFi network without a VPN or you may find yourself on the Wall of Sheep

3.Beware of phishing attacks as they are rampant in both email and text.

3 most common phishing attack techniques

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

4. Add two-factor authentication to protect yourself from identity theft wherever you can. Use a YubiKey to protect your digital life using the industry leading two-factor authentication (2FA) security key.

YubiKey keeps your digital life secure while Keyport keeps your YubiKey secure

Make sure you check out the YubiKey x Keyport Pivot 2.0 key organizer while you are at it.

Crypto & NFT Security

5. If you are into digital currency, move your crypto and NFTs to a hardware wallet. It is important to understand that if a company holding your crypto in an account goes into bankruptcy, there is a possibility that your account gets liquidated as part of the proceedings. In other words, crypto accounts are not like bank accounts which are protected by the FDIC. Storing your crypto offside in a hard wallet is a big step in protecting your assets. Just don't forget your password like this guy or lose it like this guy.

Your keys, your Bitcoin. Not your keys, not your Bitcoin. Get a crypto hardware wallet to keep your crypto and NFTs secure.

Here are some of the top crypto / NFT hardware wallets:

RFID Blocking / RFID Shielding

6. Incorporate RFID blocking technology into your everyday carry to protect your cards and to avoid location detection.

RFID shielding / RFID blocking faraday wallets and bags

Here are a few great RFID shielding wallets and cards:

You can also place your phone in an RFID shielding bag to make avoid being tracked when you don't want people knowing where you are all the time. Check out this article on 5 reasons you need a faraday bag by OffGrid as well as a link to their store on Amazon.

Here are three top quality RFID shielding bags from Silent Pocket aka SLNT:


7. Cover your video cameras when you're not using them. If Zuck is doing it to protect his privacy and security, you probably want to consider doing it too.

Make sure to cover your laptop and mobile phone cameras to prevent hackers from checking you out from afar.

Here are a few solid camera cover solutions.

Key Management & Security

8. Switch out your bulky keychain with a Keyport Pivot. It covers your keys so no one can copy your key(s) with a quick photo. Yes, it happens. KeyportID is the only lost & found solution on the market that connects owners and finders directly and anonymously.

KeyportID lost & found connects owners and finders directly and anonymously at a click. 

With advancements in technology comes new ways to hack and steal. Here are a couple of good places to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings:

This is not limited to your place of employment. Individuals are targets just a much, if not more so these days. So, it is critical to keep up with the latest scams and to protect yourself with the latest security measures.

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