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Article: FCS & Keyport - A Partnership Based Upon Innovation

FCS & Keyport - A Partnership Based Upon Innovation

FCS Surfer Kolohe Andino with FCS fins and tail pad


We are very excited to kick off a partnership with FCS (Fin Control System), makers of some of the best fins, leashes, traction, covers, and accessories in the surf world. FCS is best known for its innovative fin setup which allows for more versatility in the placement and style of the fins attached to a surfboard. We are proud to be counted among their distinguished partners including Miir, Leatherman, and VSSL.

A part of the Surf Hardware International family, FCS was born out of the revolutionary idea of creating removable surfboard fins. Removable fins not only makes traveling with your surfboard easier, but it allows surfers to choose their type of fin setup which dramatically affects performance in various types of waves. The FCS style can be used in the traditional tri-fin placement, quad, or even a five fin setup. Their latest fins don't even require a fin key for setup.


FCS Essential Series fins 4 templates suited to a variety of surf conditions


FCS fins have been a part of countless victories on the World Championship Tour. FCS Ambassadors include some of the best competition and lifestyle surfers in the World including Julian Wilson, Mick Fanning, Mason Ho, Kelia Moniz, Kolohe Andino, Sally Fitzgibbons, Filipe Toldeo, Jacob Willcox, Caroline Marks, Barron Mamiya, Oscar Langburne, Jeremy Flores, Seth Moniz, Harley Ingleby, Eli Hanneman, and Matt Chojnacki.

Kelia Moniz hanging 10 on a longboard with FCS fins


While there are a number of similarities between FCS and Keyport, two in particular form the foundation of our partnership. First and foremost, innovation is at the heart of both brands. While FCS set out to change the world of surfing with its fins, Keyport sets out to change everyday carry by reinventing the bulky keychain and fixed multi-tool with its modular system. Second, both FCS and Keyport are dedicated to giving their users choice and the ability to fully customize and personalize their own setup.

FCS majority owner, John Gowing of Gowing Bros Limited, has been a longtime Keyporter, and we were excited to speak with him about how our two brands could cooperate. Like FCS and its fin system, Keyport's unique everyday carry system combines utility, convenience, technology and style. Our conversation was as big and exciting as Peahi and at the same time as smooth as Trestles. From the outset, it was clear we had a lot in common and could put together a suite of products that would accompany surfers and land adventurers alike on their journeys.

FCS Surf Bundle

To get started, our first collaboration is a Limited Edition FCS x Keyport Essential Carry featuring an aircraft grade aluminum Pivot 2.0, custom FCS Faceplate, Pocket Flare mini-flashlight, MOCA 10-in-1 Tool, RuSH Tool, and KeyportID Lost & Found Card.

FCS Keyport Pivot

We plan on designing more surf specific tools once we receive a little input from FCS and their customers. We also want to hear from existing Keyporters who surf. What tools would you like to see in an FCS x Keyport Bundle?

With that, we welcome FCS and their customers to our family, and we look forward to getting them all ported!

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