Protect your key from spies and thieves

Did you know your keys can be copied from a photo... and it doesn't even need to be a good photo? If someone wants a copy of your keys with ill intentions, they simply need a crappy photo of them, and they can duplicate your keys in various ways including 3d printing, a file, molten metal, a Dremel, and well... a key duplication machine. Here are a couple examples so you can see just how easy it is.

How to Copy a Key From a Photo with a 3D Printer


How to Copy a Key From a Photo with a File


Here are some ways to prevent someone from getting a photo of your keys:

  • Don't post a picture of your keys on social media... just don't.
  • Don't leave your keys on the bar or on a table in public.
  • Don't give the valet all your keys with your car key. After all, your address is in the glove box on your registration, right?
  • Keep your keys in a key organizer like the Keyport Pivot or Keyport Slide to hide your keys until they're needed.

We attend the DEFCON Hacking Conference in Las Vegas every year as a vendor, selling a wide array of our key organizers, EDC tools, and faraday bags & wallets from Silent Pocket. Hackers love our key organizers because they know what can happen if their keys are compromised. Undetected break-ins are the worst kind because spies and thieves can snoop around as many times as it takes to find what they are looking for, plant surveillance devices, etc.

Our Slide users know how serious we are about key security. We've developed a secure and unique key ordering process so users can get our one-size-fits-all Keyport Blade blanks to fit the Keyport Slide. The process includes submitting images of keys for identification with the cuts blurred out or taped and uploading the Key ID Forms to an encrypted database along with our secure shipping guidelines.

Don't let your keys fall into the wrong hands. Key security is as important as your online identity. The last thing you want to give stalkers on social media, strangers at the bar, or a shady valet (it only takes one) the means to break into your home undetected.


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