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Article: Our Favorite Everyday Carry (EDC): Auto / Moto Edition

Our Favorite Everyday Carry (EDC): Auto / Moto Edition

In the vast expanse of daily life, the time we spend in our vehicles is significant. Whether it's the daily commute, a weekend adventure, or emergency preparedness, equipping your vehicle with the right gear can make all the difference. At Keyport, we understand the importance of preparedness, utility, convenience, technology, security, and style. We recognize that some of the products we're about to introduce have a bit of overlap. However, our goal is to provide you with the best products and give you options to suit your specific needs. That's why we've curated a list of our favorite auto and moto gear to ensure you're always ready for the road ahead. We are linking to these items on Amazon so that they are easy for you to review and purchase. Please note that we are an Amazon affiliate, and we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase on Amazon. That said, our primary motivation is to put quality everyday carry products in your hand that complement your Keyport products.

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And now onto our favorite auto & moto products:

BUTURE Jump Starter with Air Compressor

BUTURE Jump Starter with Air Compressor

The BUTURE Jump Starter with Air Compressor stands out for its high-performance features and convenience. With a 4500A peak current and a 26800mAh battery, it can jump-start 12V vehicles and serve as a power bank. Its built-in air compressor for tires adds to its versatility. Unique elements include a smart air compressor with auto shut-off and a durable design, making it a reliable emergency tool. Priced at $99.99, it offers great value for its multifunctionality.

Check out the BUTURE Jump Starter with Air Compressor.

Everett Survival Car Emergency Kit

Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit

The Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to address a wide range of roadside emergencies. This kit stands out for its extensive collection of tools and supplies, including a digital auto air compressor tire inflator, first aid supplies, jumper cables, a tow strap, and more, all housed in a durable carry bag. What sets this kit apart from its competitors is not just the breadth of tools included but the thoughtful consideration of what's truly essential in an emergency situation, ensuring drivers are well-prepared for most roadside issues.

The Everlit Kit is designed with quality, durability, and utility in mind, featuring items like a top-notch digital auto tire inflator that's compact and easy to use, providing quick and efficient tire inflation. Additionally, the inclusion of a 108-piece first aid kit makes it one of the most complete emergency kits available, ensuring users are prepared for both vehicle-related issues and personal injuries. Priced at $64.95, this kit offers exceptional value for the peace of mind it provides, making it a must-have for any driver looking to enhance their vehicle's emergency preparedness.

Check out the Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit.

FORTEM Car Storage Organizer

FORTEM Car Storage Organizer

The FORTEM Car Storage Organizer is a versatile and durable solution for keeping your vehicle clutter-free. Made from robust polyester, it features adjustable compartments, a non-slip bottom, and securing straps, ensuring your items stay in place. With dimensions of 20"D x 14.5"W x 10"H and weighing just 3 pounds, it's designed to fit most vehicles. Its unique selling point lies in its collapsible design and removable lid, offering flexibility and security. Priced at $24.99, it provides excellent value for those seeking to organize their car, SUV, or truck efficiently.

Check out the FORTEM Car Storage Organizer.

TACNEX Vehicle Rigid MOLLE Panel

TACNEX Vehicle Rigid MOLLE Panel

The TACNEX Vehicle Rigid MOLLE Panel offers a versatile and robust solution for organizing gear in your vehicle. Made from durable ABS polymer, it features a MOLLE/PALS compatible design, allowing for customizable storage of tools, accessories, and EDC items. The panel measures 12.6" in length, 6.7" in height, and is 0.12" thick, weighing only 4 ounces. It's designed for easy self-installation on car visors, providing quick access to essentials without compromising visibility or space. Priced at $16.99, this panel distinguishes itself by its easy installation, lightweight design, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for drivers looking to enhance their vehicle's organization and readiness.

Check out the TACNEX Vehicle Rigid MOLLE Panel.

Small Sun Car Visor Organizer

Small Car Sun Visor Organizer

The Small Car Sun Visor Organizer is a practical and stylish accessory designed to keep essential items, including Keyport’s Anywhere Tools, neatly organized and within easy reach. Made from high-quality durable PU leather, it measures approximately 6.1" by 4.9", offering a compact yet efficient storage solution. Unlike its competitors, this organizer is designed to fit most car, SUV, and truck visors without obstructing the driver's view, thanks to its slim profile and adjustable magic strap for secure attachment. It stands out for its ability to store a variety of items such as sunglasses, cards, and documents, ensuring your essentials are organized and accessible. Priced at $9.97, it provides exceptional value for drivers looking to maintain a tidy and efficient space in their vehicle.

Check out the Small Sun Car Visor Organizer.

Keyport Anywhere Tools

Enhance your vehicle's functionality with Keyport's Anywhere Tools Kits, designed for easy clipping onto your car's visor or elsewhere for convenient access. Choose from the Utility Plus Kit for a comprehensive toolset, the Pocket Flare 2.0 Kit for essential lighting, the MOCA2 11-in-1 Multi-Tool Kit for versatile utility, or the NEBA Knife Kit for quick and easy cutting tasks. Each bundle offers unique capabilities to fit your specific needs, ensuring you're always prepared on the go. All of the individual Modules are Keyport Pivot and Slide compatible. Currently priced from $19 - $39.

Check out the Utility Plus Kit.

Check out the Pocket Flare 2.0 Mini-Flashlight Kit.

Check out the MOCA2 11-in-1 Multi-Tool Kit.

Check out the NEBA Knife Kit.

Emergency Glow Sticks

Emergency Glow Sticks

For the Emergency Glow Sticks, they are ultra-bright, long-lasting (up to 12 hours), and perfect for emergencies, providing 360-degree illumination. Their durability, non-toxicity, and waterproof features make them superior to competitors. Ideal for outdoor activities and emergencies due to their reliability and visibility. Priced at $13.95, they offer great value and assurance for safety in various conditions.

Check out the Emergency Glow Sticks.

Quad Lock Cases for Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, & More

Quad Lock Cases for motorcycle, bicycle, auto, motorcycle, and more

Quad Lock Cases offer versatile and secure mounting solutions for a variety of devices, designed for an adventurous lifestyle. These cases are known for their robustness, lightweight design, and the unique Quad Lock mounting system that allows devices to be securely attached to bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and more, enhancing accessibility and usability during various activities.

What sets Quad Lock apart from its competitors is its patented dual-stage lock, ensuring devices are firmly secured in place, offering peace of mind during rigorous activities. The cases are tailored for a wide range of devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel, and feature impact-resisting materials and a slim profile that doesn't compromise on protection or functionality. For those looking to integrate their devices into their active lifestyle seamlessly, Quad Lock provides a reliable, durable solution. Priced starting at $49.

Check out Quad Lock Cases.

GUANZHI Waterproof AirTag Holder

GUANZHI Waterproof AirTag Holder

The GUANZHI Waterproof AirTag Holder is crafted for discreet placement on motorcycles or vehicles, offering an added layer of security in case of theft. Made from durable polycarbonate with a built-in waterproof silicone rubber ring, it ensures the AirTag remains undamaged and functional. Its strong 3M adhesive allows for secure attachment to nearly any flat surface, ensuring it stays in place. The windowing design does not block the AirTag's sound, maintaining its tracking abilities. Priced at $3.99, it's an affordable, effective solution for safeguarding your possessions.

Check out the GUANZHI Waterproof AirTag Holder.

Need AirTags? Check them out here.

YOUNGOA Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

YOUNGOA Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

The YOUNGOA Motorcycle Helmet Backpack is tailored for durability and practical use, featuring high-quality, water-resistant materials and an expansive 45L capacity. It incorporates a MOLLE system for customizable attachments, alongside specialized compartments for organized storage, including a dedicated space for a helmet. Designed for comfort with its ergonomic features, this backpack is priced at $45.99, offering great value for those needing a reliable solution for carrying gear and essentials.

Check out the YOUNGOA Motorcycle Helmet Backpack.

Keyport Slide in BMW R-NineT

Speaking of motorcycles, don't forget the Keyport was originally created to solve the problem of having to keep your motorcycle key separated from your keychain so that your keys didn't flop around in the wind and scratch up the bike's polished metal triple trees. If you are a rider and haven't checked out a Pivot or a Slide, you ought to do so. It is definitely one of the best everyday carry upgrades a motorcyclist can make!

Gear Up for the Road Ahead: Embracing Preparedness with Keyport

The winding road of life - Always be prepared for the twists and turns
As we navigate the unpredictable roads of life, these auto accessories, car edc, and overland edc products embody the Keyport values of utility, convenience, technology, security, and style. They're not just tools; they're companions for whatever journey lies ahead. Remember, life is unpredictable, but with the right gear, you'll always be prepared.

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