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Brass PinKey

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NEW - The Brass PinKey is a Pivot compatible touch-free door opener & stylus, a simple and safe way to interact with your surroundings to help keep you germ free when you are out in public.

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Introducing Brass PinKey, a simple and safe way to interact with your surroundings to help keep you germ free when you are out in public.

One of the most unique features of Brass PinKey is its small size (less than three inches long... about the size of your pinky finger). Not only can you add Brass PinKey to virtually any keychain, it is smaller than other similar brass touch free door openers and fits securely into a Keyport Pivot.

Antimicrobial Copper

H62 Brass is also called antimicrobial copper because of its antimicrobial properties which occur naturally in copper or copper alloy with a copper content of 60% or above. Copper can effectively reducing the presence of infectious diseases and cross infections by acting on germs and viruses. It is a natural, strong, non-toxic, human-friendly antimicrobial material. H62 Brass represents a copper content of approximately 62%. Many similar products you find on Amazon do not contain 60%+ copper or are painted over which significantly reduces their ability to fight germs in comes into contact with.

Like a hired henchman, Brass PinKey does the dirty work for you.

Since many of our Keyport tools are multi-purpose, why didn't we add a bottle opener or other tools? Well, personally we don't want the same tool we are using to touch potentially contaminated surfaces coming anywhere near our bottles, cans, etc.

What You Can Do with Brass PinKey

Instead of using your real pinky or any other finger for that matter, you can use Brass PinKey to:

  • Reduce your surface point of contact up to 99%
  • Pull open doors
  • Tap on ATM, checkout touchscreens, or keypads
  • Draw on touchscreens with stylus tip
  • Press elevator buttons
  • Pull drawer handles
  • Activate switches
  • Pull levers
  • Flush toilets
  • Carry grocery bags and other items without touching them

  • Made of durable, sturdy, and anti-microbial H62 Brass 
  • Dimensions - 2.76" x 1.02" x 0.12" (70mm x 26mm x 3mm)
  • 4.1mm diameter hole - Fits a wide array of keychains and the Keyport Pivot
  • Weight - 0.49 oz (14g)
  • Includes two 0.24" x 0.43" x 0.12" (6mm x 11mm x 3mm) silicone tips for better conductivity on touchscreens

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Brass PinKey

Brass PinKey