Keyport Pocket Flare Module

Pocket Flare™ Module

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This rechargeable miniature EDC flashlight features two distinct modes, front beam mode & lamp mode. Whether you’re illuminating your bag/purse or an entire tent, navigating a dark room, lighting up a key hole, or clipping it to your dog’s collar for a night walk, the Pocket Flare will become an indispensable part of your EDC.

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  • Keyport Pocket Flare Module
  • Keyport Pocket Flare Module
  • Keyport Pocket Flare Module
  • Keyport Pocket Flare Module
  • Keyport Pocket Flare Module
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An upgrade from our base Mini-Flashlight Module, the Pocket Flare is over two times brighter (27 lumens vs. 12 lumens max output) and features lamp mode, a lantern-style light around the entire base of the module to cast a wider light than that of the front beam. The Pocket Flare features a 3-way tactile switch (Front Beam/Lamp/Off) and is rechargeable via an included USB micro cable, displaying red during charge mode and green when fully charged.

NOTE: All Anywhere Tools Modules must be used with the Anywhere Pocket Clip, Keyport Pivot, or Slide Slide 3.0.

- 3 mode push button tactile switch Beam/Lamp/Off
- 27 lumen max front beam mode
- 24 lumen max lamp mode
- Outer-Module / Cannot stack other modules on top
- Can be used with Anywhere Pocket Clip, Keyport Pivot, Keyport Slide 3.0
- Included USB Micro charging cable

There are multiple ways to carry our Pocket Flare Module including the Slide 3.0, Pivot, & Pocket Clip

Module Type: Outer (non-stackable)
Modes: Front Beam/Lamp/Off
Materials: PC & Stainless Steel
Front Beam Max Output: 27 Lumens (45 min. per charge)
Lamp Max Output: 6 Lumens x4 LEDs (40 min. per charge)
MTBF: 400 +/- 100 charge cycles
Dimensions: L: 2.865” H: 0.596” T: 0.267"
Weight: 0.3 oz.
Battery: Lithium-Ion