"The whole package comes across as something that Q developed down in the 007 laboratory. "If you see this slim box, James, you'll notice that it contains your Aston Martin key, a flashlight, and a martini stir stick for emergencies."
~ Cnet.com

"The Anywhere Tools Modular Every Day Carry System takes the tools that you need and puts them into one handy system that is small enough to fit into your pocket. This modular system of tools combines utility and convenience in one cool package. And it’s fully customizable. All your everyday carry needs are met with this one simple device."
~ Gadget Review

"A multi-tool is great. We carry one daily. Problem is, sometimes we don’t need all those tools and we’re left carrying a bulky item. Anywhere Tools are an array of everyday carry items—pocket knife, flashlight, charging cable, and more—that stack on top of each other so you can carry only the pieces you need."
~ Cool Material

"The Keyport Pivot approach works really well. It does a great job of organizing keys, and keeping commonly needed tools and gadgets handy. It eliminates the noise all that stuff makes clanking around in your pockets, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting things --they’re all there, including your keys."
~ Brad Moon, Forbes

"The Keyport Slide 2.0 reinvents the keychain, consolidating keys, flash drives and bottle openers into a single device about the size of a box of Tic Tacs."
~ Inc. Magazine // Best in Class Awards

"The Keyport, now in its second iteration, replaces the bulky, jangly keychain we've all come to despise with a gadget that wouldn't look out of place in a James Bond flick."
~ Motor Trend

"Run a sleeker everyday-carry set-up with the Keyport Slide. Consolidate up to six keys, USB flash drive, bottle opener, LED flashlight and even the bar code to your gym membership into one streamlined device, so small it fits in your fifth pocket."
~ Recoil Magazine

"Designed by a motorcycle enthusiast, the Keyport 2.0 stores six key blades in a lightweight polycarbonate body that's no larger than a pack of gum and designed to not scratch your bike's triple clamp the way a key ring would."
~ Sport Rider Magazine

"Keys aren't really that controversial, we need them, they work, what else is there to improve upon? It turns out, there's a lot that can be done. Enter Keyport Slide, a device that can consolidate your keys into one small package."
~ DiscoveryNews.com

"We're not sure if James Bond has a keychain - presumably, those Aston Martins don't start themselves. But if he did, it would probably look like this sleek box, which holds up to six keys that glide out when you slide a button. If you need more than six keys, you're doing it wrong. (It being life.)"
~ UrbanDaddy.com

".... just how much longer were you going to tote around that cacophonous mass of metal in your pocket?"
~ Engadget.com

"The Keyport's small size and light weight make it a viable option for motorcycle applications and its immediate advantage is obvious—no more scratches on the triple tree from other keys bouncing around on a key ring. "
~ Super Streetbike Magazine