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RU4 Key Blade

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RU4 Keyport Key Blade Blank
RU4 Key Blank
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RU4 - Russwin Key Blade

Cross References:
Keyport: RU4
Ilco EZ: RU4
Ilco: 1011P
Silca: RW8R
Axxess: 90
Cole: RU4
Dominion: 11P
Hillman: RU4
Jet: RU4

Keyport's patented key blanks, called Blades, include a one-size-fits-all head and seamlessly take the place of your personal keys. Using our patent pending key bow (head) reduction method, Keyport removes a significant portion of the key's head and attaches to it a smaller one-size-fits-all head called a Skull resulting in a smaller, lighter key blank. This provides the foundation upon which Keyport designs its devices.

Important Note: If you order the wrong key or Blade blank(s), we are happy to exchange (uncut blanks) but you will be responsible for all related shipping costs. If you are not sure what Blade blank(s) you need for your Keyport Slide, we highly recommend you order Standard Blades for all your keys and let our key experts identify the correct blank(s) for you.

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