Keyport, Inc. is actively exploring strategic partnership, distribution, and retail opportunities. In so doing, we complete a thorough due diligence process in order to ensure that the relationship will be a positive one for both parties.

Should you have an interest in exploring a relationship with Keyport, please email us with your contact information, and we will contact you shortly. Thank you for your time.


Sieper Group

Sieper Group (keyport.com.au) - Founded in 1951 by Eduard Sieper Snr., the Sieper Group is a leading wholesale distribution company with over 35 years experience supplying the lock & security industry in Australia and New Zealand. Sieper Group supplies a wide variety of products sourced both from around the globe and locally.


JMA USA (jmausa.com) - JMA USA is the North American subsidiary of the Altuna Group. The Altuna Group is a global network of production and marketing companies, dedicated to providing the Security Industry with outstanding key blanks, key machines and locksmith related products under the JMA brand.

Local Motors

Local Motors (localmotors.com) - Local Motors is a next generation car company, challenging the paradigm of highly centralized manufacturing, embattled dealerships, and dispersed service locations. Local Motors uses crowd-sourcing in the design of its vehicles and is currently building its first production vehicle, The Rally Fighter. Keyport has been selected to design and produce the key fob for this vehicle.

Bolt Locks

BOLT Locks (boltlock.com) - The BOLT Series lets you set up multiple locks - padlock, cable lock, receiver lock, spare tire lock, toolbox latch - to work exclusively with your vehicle key.


EDCForums (edcforums.com) - EDCForums is the leading forum on all things everyday carry.


KeyMe (key.me) - Through KeyMe’s mobile app, customers are able to take images of their keys and receive duplicates cut by key code from the images.

Security Snobs

Security Snobs (www.securitysnobs.com) - Security Snobs, in partnership with Han Fey Lock Technologies, offer the cutting edge of high security locks worldwide. Keyport has partnered with Security Snobs as a high-security lock provider and consultant.

ICON 4x4

ICON 4x4 (http://icon4x4.com) - A boutique auto manufacturer, ICON designs and rebuilds vintage vehicles from the ground-up, pairing their old school looks with the latest in modern technology and equipment.