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The World's most versatile everyday Carry System

Keys • Pocket Tools • Smart Home • Connected Car • Personal & Digital Security • Contactless Payments • Lost & Found ALL-IN-ONE

Crafted for flexibility, designed for life

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Our Mission // To reinvent the traditional multi-tool for the modern lifestyle

Keyport is the MULTItool you will actually use, MULTIple times a day. Keyport is the everyday carry system that streamlines your most frequently used personal essentials.


Lost & Found
Personal Security
Digital Security
Digital Access
Smart Home
Connected Car
Contactless Payments
Pocket Tools

Keyport Slide 4.0 LE1

The Slide provides unique one-handed access to your most essential keys, tools, & tech. With its modern design, wide range of features, patented Key Blades, & unparalleled style, the Slide is the most iconic key holder available.

"As a piece of gear that you're going to use multiple times every single day, it's an investment worth making.”

Keyport Pivot 2.0

This modular, Swiss Army style key organizer integrates keys, pocket tools, & smart tech plus exclusive KeyportID lost & found program. The Pivot features a proprietary locking mechanism & a 360 degree swivel lanyard that locks down when not in use.

"Think Swiss Army, but for keys & with the ability to completely customize the attachments."

Stacking EDC Modules

Anywhere Tools

Anywhere Tools is a major addition to Keyport's modular everyday carry system by introducing a series of tech and tool modules along with another way to carry them - the Module Pocket Clip.

"Who is this thing for? Probably anyone, because it's modular. You can change it up for your personal needs. This thing is incredible."

OmniFob Smart Remote

OmniFob is the shortcut remote for your smart devices with a built-in Bluetooth LE locator, mini-flashlight, & remote camera trigger. It’s like having multiple smart buttons, apps, & fobs in one remote. Works with Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem.

"OmniFob is practically a universal remote for your life [and] gives its users one-touch control over everything." yanko design logo