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How does Keyport's secure shipping procedure work for custom keys?

You assume the responsibility for getting the key(s) to Keyport, so the method of shipping is up to you.

When sending live Custom Convert keys, we recommend you follow our secure shipping precautions so you are protected in the extremely rare case your keys are lost or stolen in transit:

›› Include minimal information inside the package (name, email, order #) with your keys. For the return address/shipping address, do not include any addresses linked to the keys you are sending. Instead use a trusted friend's address, work address, etc.
›› Send your keys in a padded envelope or box, not a paper envelope.
›› Use a shipping method with online tracking.

For the highest level of security you can send unduplicated keys instead of live keys. You will have to obtain unduplicated keys from your local locksmith and have them duplicated from your original live keys when you receive your converted Blades from us.

Please send your custom keys to:

Keyport, Inc.
Attn: Receiving Dept.
3155 W. Tompkins Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Tel: (855) 539-7678