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What kind of keys are compatible with the Keyport Slide?

Keyport is compatible with most of the world's key blanks. Any key with a shank length of less than 2.0", thickness of less than 0.125", and a height of less than 0.46", can be converted to a Keyport Blade including high-security keys such as Schlage Primus, Assa, Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Abloy, etc.

Since Keyport removes the traditional key head, the size of the head is not a determining factor unless it contains an embedded chip. If you are unsure your key is compatible you can submit it for review on our Key ID Form. Since you don't have an order number yet, name your key id images preorder-(yourlastname).jpg-1, preorder-(yourlastname).jpg-2 and submit them to our Key ID Form secure upload facility. We will get back to you within 2 business days via email.

Keyport Blades vs. Traditional Keys

Keyport is also compatible with the majority of transponder-chipped auto keys. Find out if your auto key is chipped with our auto checker.

If your auto is not listed in the database, chances are it is not chipped and Keyport compatible. If you have a question pertaining to a specific vehicle, email helpdesk@mykeyport.com.

While a key may be compatible with the Keyport, there are rare cases where the lock itself will not allow access to a Blade extended from a Keyport (for example, the steering column shifter on some Chevy and GMC models with automatic transmissions). Keyport cannot guarantee a lock's accessibility. In these cases, the Blade may be removed from the Keyport and attached to the spinner cap.