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What types of high-security keys are compatible with Keyport?

Keyport is compatible with the most popular brands of high-security keys including Medeco, Assa, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy, and Schlage Primus. High-security/restricted keys are often protected by patent, which prohibits other manufacturers from making unauthorized productions of the key blank. To get a high-security key converted to a Keyport Blade you must send us a copy. There is no extra charge for the conversion when you purchase a Keyport Blade. If you are not sure if your particular high-security key is compatible, email a picture to helpdesk@mykeyport.com.

High Security Keys & Blades

Above image shows 3 examples of popular high-security keys (Medeco, Assa, Mul-T-Lock) converted to Keyport Blades.