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What kinds of chipped keys are there, and which ones are compatible with the Keyport Slide?

Keyport can accommodate a wide variety of chipped auto and motorcycle keys. Please check our Auto Checker to find out if your vehicle is compatible and whether or not it has a transponder chip.

There are three ways to program a chip when you purchase a Keyport Slide:

1. On-Board Programming (OBP) — Most American vehicles that are chipped, are also on-board programmable. Our Auto Checker database will tell you if your vehicle is indeed OBP. If it is, you will be able to program the chip in your new Blade yourself and we can send you a Blade and chip insert without requiring a copy of your key.

2. Auto Locksmith or Auto Dealer Programming - If your vehicle is not OBP, you can have the chip programmed by your dealer or an auto locksmith in your area.

3. Custom Conversion — Another option is to send us a copy of your vehicle's key to custom convert, which means we'll remove the shank and harvest the chip from the key. Since we'll be altering the key, you must send a buttonless valet key (see image below), which is the key that contains a chip but which doesn't have any buttons on its head. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the capability to integrate buttons into the Keyport Slide.

Valet vs. Fob Key