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Do I need to mail in a set of my keys to get them converted to Keyport Blades?

In most cases, no. Keyport will send you Keyport Blade blanks based upon your current set of key's manufacturer's code #. All you will need to do is take the Blade blanks we send you along with your current set of keys to a local locksmith to be duplicated.

The only time Keyport needs a copy of your key is in the rare case where we cannot obtain a similar key blank. High-security or restricted keys are examples of such keys. Keyport may also need a copy of your key in the case of rare keys, keys that our locksmiths cannot identify via photo, or certain chipped vehicle keys. If your vehicle is not OBP you may also opt to have the Blade and blank chip sent to you and have it programmed by an auto locksmith or dealer. Keyport will notify you promptly should such a situation arise.