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What types of keys are not compatible with Keyport products?

• Auto keys with integrated buttons and alarm remotes - While we can integrate the transponder chip of these keys into the Slide so it will operate your vehicle, we're unable to integrate the lock/unlock remote buttons. You can easily clip your remote or fob key to the spinner ring. Check our Auto Checker to find out if your auto key is chipped.

Non-Compatible Keys

• Proximity (PROX) keys - Proximity keys unlock your car's door automatically when you approach the car and typically start the car by pushbutton. Since they're an unusual kind of key, we are not able to integrate proximity keys to the Keyport.

Prox Keys

• TBE keys - These keys are commonly found in newer Jaguar models and some Ford models. The tip of the TBE key is too thick to fit in the Keyport.

TBE Tibbe Keys

• FOBIK keys - These keys are commonly found in newer GM, Chrysler and Mercedes models.

Fobik Keys

• VATS keys - These keys are found in older GM models. The chip is located in the key blade, so the key is too thick to fit in the Keyport.


• Bit & Barrel keys - Most bit & barrel keys are too thick. If the key is under .125" diameter we can usually make it work.

Bit and Barrel Keys

We are working on integrating these types of keys into future versions of Keyport products. For the time being, we suggest that you simply attach them to the spinner ring.

Please note that while a key may be compatible with the Keyport, there are very rare occasions when the lock itself will not permit access to a key that is extended from a Keyport (for example, the steering column shifter on some Chevy and GMC models with automatic transmissions). Keyport is not responsible for a lock's accessibility. This includes recessed locks or ignitions. In these cases, the Blade may be removed from the Keyport Slide.