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What if I lose my Keyport?

Keyport has developed a unique Lost & Found Program to assist in the recover of lost Keyport Slides. Every Slide includes a unique serial number and Keyport's website address, along with the phrase "REWARD IF FOUND." If a Slide is found and we are contacted, a Keyport representative will contact the owner and facilitate a safe return. As a thank you, Keyport will offer the finder $20 in Keyport store credit. We also encourage the owner of the Slide to provide a reward of their choosing.

Keyport Wings

KeyportID Premium Lost & Found Service (For Slide 3.0 and Pivot)

The all-new KeyportID, powered by KeyFetch, is available with the new 3.0 Slides and Pivot. 

This online lost & found service connects owners and finders directly and anonymously at a click with no middle man or number to call.

Once you register your Keyport serial number with KeyportID, anyone who finds your Keyport will be able to contact you directly so that you can arrange your Keyport's safe return.  We will follow up with the finder to thank them and to give them a $10 store credit for helping you out.