At a time when form, function, and technology have come together to propel personal convergent products to the forefront of consumerism, metal keys, key fobs, and the whole slew of items attached to keychains represent one of the last bastions of personal clutter. Most personal devices are getting smaller, lighter, faster, and stronger while keychains, key fobs, and remote alarms are becoming increasingly unwieldy. Recognizing this paradox, Keyport, Inc. has developed a product suite that addresses the ongoing need for the organization, access, transport, and storage of keys and other personal items (e.g. flash drive, mini-flashlight, RFID access fob, bottle opener, etc.) that we typically cram onto an overstuffed keychain.

Founded in 2005, Keyport Inc. combines technology, convenience, and style to redefine the way in which we customize, carry, and interact with our most frequently used personal items typically crammed onto a keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse. Pairing utility with style, our introductory product, the Keyport Slide, is a Hi-Tech, ALL-IN-ONE keychain alternative that combines keys and many everyday-carry items into one indispensable device.

Our mission is to reinvent the keychain, transforming it from a utilitarian necessity into an elegant, personal universal access device that complements the smart phone and integrates new technologies when appropriate. Our vision is that Keyport will be to everyday carry (EDC) items as the smartphone is to software apps - a single functional and stylish convergent device that puts access to a broad spectrum of functions in the palm of your hand.

Keyport is a privately-held Nevada corporation.


Tech Toys 360, on Discovery Velocity | Keyport changes the technological playing field forever by transforming the common keychain into a high-tech gadget. This patented design reduces clutter into a stylish alternative to the traditional keychain. Visit (TechToys360.com) for more info. Featuring company Founder/CEO, Josh Downes and President, David Cooper.