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Keyport Pivot 2.0 - Aluminum



The Aluminum Keyport Pivot 2.0 is a modular multi-tool + key organizer that holds up to *eight keys and/or tool inserts (USB Flash Drive, MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool, RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool, Yubikey, Pen, etc.). You can also attach our optional tool/tech modules (OmniFob Mini-Flashlight, Pocket Flare Flashlight, NEBA Module, and WeeLINK Charger Cable) to both sides of the Pivot's chassis.

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The aluminum Keyport Pivot 2.0 is a modular multi-tool + key organizer keychain that holds up to *eight keys and/or tool inserts (USB Flash Drive, MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool, RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool, Yubikey, Pen, etc.). You can also attach our optional tool/tech modules (OmniFob Mini-Flashlight, Pocket Flare Flashlight, NEBA Module, and WeeLINK Charger Cable) to both sides of the Pivot's aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium chassis.
*Tool Inserts, Modules, and Accessories sold separately. Maximum capacity varies based on key and insert thicknesses.

Pivot 2.0 EDC Keychain Updates include:

  • Replaced metal band with durable and streamlined TPU band. TPU, otherwise known as Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is often referred to as the bridge between rubber and plastic. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible and smooth to the touch.
  • Replaced small D-ring with more robust D-ring. The feedback we received was that while it was nice to be able to lock the D-ring down when not in use, more people wanted a larger D-ring to connect a wide range of carabiners to it, not just the tiniest ones.
  • Replaced metal spacers with Delrin 
  • Stronger and more durable including the aluminum anodizing
  • Simplified setup - We have created one of the easiest, if not the easiest setup, of any key organizer keychain

Building Upon Pivot 1.0 EDC Keychain Strengths

The Pivot 2.0 has retained the trademark features of the original including:

  • Modularity - Ability to snap on our tool & tech modules (including our new OmniFob Smart Remote Module) to both sides of the chassis
  • Custom Faceplates - Ability to snap on custom faceplates to show off your own personal style
  • Anti-Rotation Mechanism - Key/tool stack can be set to the preferred tension, clicks every 90 degrees, and prevents unintended loosening
  • KeyportID Lost & Found Service - Unique serial number laser engraved onto the chassis; each Pivot comes with a 2-year subscription


The Pivot EDC keychain 2.0 comes with a 2 year subscription to KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders directly and anonymously with a click.

  • Capacity: Holds *1-8 Keys and/or Tool Inserts
  • Chassis: Grade 5 Titanium, 420 SS, or 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Aluminum Chassis Finish: Anodized
  • Stainless Steel Chassis Finish: PVD
  • Titanium Chassis Finish: Glass Bead Blast
  • Components: Stainless Steel & TPU
  • Length Max: 3.155”
  • Length Min: 2.975”
  • Width Max: .1.062”
  • Width Min: .580”
  • Height: .596”
  • Aluminum Weight: 0.7 oz.
  • Stainless Steel Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Titanium Weight 0.8 oz.

*Maximum capacity varies based on key and insert thicknesses.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

Switched from a keysmart because it was too small for my long keys and hard to setup/add keys.
Keyport is much roomier and easier to setup , 100% recommending it.

EDC that you didn't know you needed

The Pivot 2.0 is an upgrade to any key organising solution you may have. This is a product that has been carefully designed from start to finish and beyond. Video tutorials demonstrate how to get your tool working. The accompanying literature is extremely thorough for example, the amount of keys you can insert and how & where best to insert them. Much thought has been given to customizing the tool for future customization. Most importantly of course, the Pivot 2.0 works; it is constructed to be both flexible and durable. Inferior products fall apart often at the worst times but not so with the Pivot 2.0. This is something that will not let you down. I opted for the Titanium build and in my opinion, it is gorgeous. A small word of warning if you are a little clumsy like me, do take particular care when inserting your faceplate since it is possible to scratch its surface.

The D-ring is now larger. I haven't used the original Pivot but I can say that it is extremely handy - I have a S - Carabiner attached to mine.
The TPU band is what I find most noticeable when compared to other products. It is just so much more durable and flexible compared to anything else I have used. This by itself makes the Pivot 2.0 for me, a marvel in engineering or product design. EDC par excellence.

I also have the MOCA II module and the Pocket Flare module. I would say these are must-haves. The Pocket Flare module is exactly the kind of utility I look for when browsing for EDC products. It has 2 modes; the first functions like a pocket torch and can be used to find things under your sofa, wardrobe, car seat, bed even but the second mode is even better. It has saved me much time finding the right key when it's dark and when walking through fog. The MOCA II module is clearly versatile and a true EDC user probably derives more usage out of it than I do; nevertheless, I have so far used it to tighten screws in everyday objects (handy!) and open bottles which I am fairly pleased with but it is capable of doing much more.

Finally, I have to convey this product has without exaggeration, made a positive impact on how I navigate my daily routine. My keys are organised and fastened reliably in 1 place. The weather may let me down, the work commute may frustrate me but my keys will now never let me down. It is no embellishment to say this has brought me peace of mind. It brings comfort and certainty to know that there is one thing in your life that works and works well. It works without fault, it's reliable, it's exceptional. I didn't know I needed this but it is now a staple in my life.

Also a small word about the company and how it presents itself - excellent customer service (Aimee). I managed to amend my order just as it shipped. I even got a much appreciated personal note on delivery. The main selling points (TPU band, D-ring etc) are spot on. They aren't gimmicks but rather functional features & improvements. This company has put much effort into creating a device that is simple to use but also customizable & future-proof. And it works, it works well. Well worth the wait for it to ship to the UK.

best key organizers

the best key organizers that I have ever

Great improvement on an already great key holder

Loved my Pivot 1.0 since launch, but the Keyport folks have listened to feedback and made the 2.0 even better. Stronger steel and titanium chassis options, and the new D ring are great improvements. I’ve been using the 2.0 for almost two months and it packs a big punch for its size like it’s predecessor, but feels more solid. Good job guys.

Very satisfied with my Pivot!

I used the Slide for years and loved its ability to keep my set of keys quiet and compact when pocketed. The Pivot 2.0 is certainly an upgrade. I appreciated not having to have custom keys made. The Pocket Flare, NEBA Module and Multi Tool have already proven to be very useful; the pocket flare is especially useful when unlocking doors in the dark. The fact that it’s rechargeable makes it a must have. Lastly, as previously experienced, customer support is top tier. Thanks again!

EDC Essential

Hands down one of the best key organizers that I have ever had the pleasure of owning, the first being the Keyport original. Overall I love the new design, the linkage in the original was pretty awesome but the TPU band is phenomenally more durable. I feel that the Keyport 2.0 just got stronger in every way, not to mention how light it is.

I have to give a special shout-out to Aimee over at Keyport for taking care of me so quickly. Thank You!!! I have the Keyport original for a while the linkage broke, Aimee was able to get me going again with a replacement but I saw the 2.0 and had to have one.

Would spend my money here anytime!!!

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Keyport Pivot 2.0 - Aluminum

Keyport Pivot 2.0 - Aluminum