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Chip Module for Slide 3.0

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The Chip Module for the Slide 3.0 can support a wide range of auto and motorcycle transponder chips.

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The Chip Module for the Slide 3.0 can support a wide range of auto and motorcycle transponder chips.

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1. Chip Module (Empty) $7.99: This is the DIY option if you would like to transfer your chip from your existing Chipped Side Plate or Chip Insert to the Chip Module. Click here to watch an instructional video on how to transfer your chip.

Warning: Due to the metal Slide 3.0 construction, many chips that worked in the Slide 2.0 will not work in the Slide 3.0 Chip Module. As a backup, Keyport can clone your chip (depending on the Year, Make, Model of your vehicle) onto a greater range chip with a longer antenna. You will be responsible for upgrading your order to Option 2 below, and pay the difference + shipping. Please email us and include the year, make, and model of your vehicle, to find out if your existing chip may work and if it can be cloned. Updated: 12/19/16

2. Chip Module (Transfer) $14.99: If you would like us to transfer your chip from your existing Keyport product (Chip Insert or Chipped Side Plate), to the Chip Module. You must pay for shipping to send it in.

Depending on the Year, Make, Model of your vehicle, Keyport may clone your chip onto a greater range chip with a longer antenna to increase the likelihood of it working in your vehicle.

3. Chip Module (Chipped) $25.00: If you do not have a blank chip for your vehicle, or need an extra one we will send the Chip Module with the chip already included. If you also do not have a key Blade for your vehicle, you must order it separately as well. To check if your vehicle key is compatible and requires a chip, please visit our Auto Chip Checker. For this option you must complete and include the OEM Auto/Moto key on your Key ID Form after placing your order.

*After completing an order and submitting Key ID Forms, you may have one if not both of the choices below depending on the Year, Make, Model of your vehicle:

Choice 1: We send you the blank chip and the Blade to get programmed and duplicated by an auto locksmith or auto dealer service department. Please call your dealer or an auto locksmith in your area to determine the cost of programming and duplication.

Choice 2: Custom Key Conversion - We can custom convert your original manufacturer's valet/buttonless key at no extra charge. A valet/buttonless key contains a chip and operates your vehicle, but does not have remote buttons on the head like the one you submitted. Please keep in mind that this is a permanent modification and you will not receive your original key back.

In addition to holding a transponder chip in the front drawer, it has an extra compartment in the back to hold various items like a Kingston Micro SD Reader, a YubiKey 4 Nano, spare CR1220 batteries for your Mini-Flashlight Module, or even a couple of pills (as long as they are less than 1/8" (3.2MM) thick.

The Transponder Chip Module for the Slide 3.0 has been designed to hold a wide range of vehicle transponder chips. However, due to the variability in chip ranges and the large number of vehicles types broken down by year, make, and model, Keyport is unable to guarantee that every chip configuration works. We will do our best to identify whether or not a particular key and associated transponder chip is compatible with the Keyport based upon its year, make, model along with the images you provide of your key, but it is up to you to determine whether or not the Keyport device you are purchasing will work for all of your intended use cases.

Because the Pivot may move (pivot on its axis) thereby repositioning the chip while the vehicle is in motion, the chip module is not recommended for use with auto keys in the Pivot.

For On-Board Programmable (OBP) keys, you are responsible for confirming this is indeed a feature of your specific vehicle and for having the specified number of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) keys included in the programming directions in order to complete the do-it-yourself programming steps we provide you.

Keyport is not responsible for lock compatibility as there are several factors beyond our control such as lock location (e.g. interference) and type (e.g. recessed). This is especially true with vehicles as the variation in technology (even within years of particular makes and models), new model updates, and the installation of aftermarket systems (including changes to immobilizers, ignitions, alarm systems, etc.) make it impossible for us to test every vehicle ourselves.

If any of your keys are incompatible for any reason, you are still able to attach them to your Keyport via the D-ring on the End Cap.

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