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You’ve heard of EDC, but what about KeyDC?

 You’ve heard of EDC, but what about KeyDC?
By Guest Author: Covert Products Group April 26, 2017 No comments

The idea of EDC (Everyday Carry) means different things to different people, but there is one item that typically makes it on everyone’s list. What's your KeyDC?

If you identify yourself as an EDCer and spend any time on Instagram, you already know the drill. Common hashtags like #EverydayCarry, #edcGear, #PocketDump, and #HandDump yield thousands of EDC pics of all varieties.

While some EDCers carry themed sets of gear - all black, all titanium, all copper - and others show how much they can carry or how little they can carry, there is one item that is represented in nearly every EDC photo: keys.

Cellphone, wallet, keys. Pocketknife, flashlight, keys, wallet. Watch, wallet, keys. Almost every dump has some form of #KeyDC. Those that don't show their keys are typically not showing the ugly part of their EDC. Those that do, are typically showing their KeyDC key organizer of choice.