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Pivot Multi-Tool & Key Organizer Now on The Grommet

Pivot Multi-Tool & Key Organizer Now on The Grommet
By Keyport Guru May 30, 2017 No comments

Keyport is excited to announce our official launch of the Keyport Pivot modular multi-tool on The Grommet, a leading online product launch and dicovery platform.

Bridging the gap between a conventional keychain crammed with an array of everyday carry items and a completely connected world, the Keyport Pivot consolidates keys, pocket tools and now smart tech into a stylish personalized access device that the owner will use every day, multiple times a day.

Go from Cluttered to Keyport

"When we started Keyport almost ten years ago, it was to bring something totally unique to the market: the World’s First Universal Key Fob, the Keyport Slide V.01. Since that time we have continually refined our products, expanded our line, and watched as the key organizer has become a standard part of everyday carry (EDC). Tens of thousands of happy customers and two successful Kickstarters later, we have evolved the traditional key holder concept into the access tool of the future - a customizable operating system for your pocket,” said Keyport’s president, David Cooper.

The Keyport Pivot is compatible with a user's existing keys (2 - 9 or more with expansion kit) and features a unique locking mechanism that provides the perfect tension to ensure smooth operation and to prevent unintended loosening over time. In addition to a wide range of keys, the Pivot is compatible with keychain-friendly tools like Keyport's new MOCA 10-In-1 tool, ballpoint pen insert, and USB flash drives, along with a variety of third-party inserts including several YubiKeys, Griffin Pocket Mini, and a wide range of Stowaway Tools.

Unlike its antiquated alternatives (keychains, key holders, and even traditional multi-purpose tools), Keyport’s cutting-edge products are modular so that they can be tailored to fit the needs and style of each individual user. Optional Keyport compatible modules which connect to each side of the Pivot include a pocketknife designed by Klecker Knives, a mini-flashlight, and a BLE locator module with LED Light the works with TrackR (so you never lose your keys again).

To solve the number one problem associated with keys and other daily carry items….losing them, the Pivot also comes with a FREE 2-year subscription to KeyportID, an online lost and found service that connects finders to owners directly and anonymously at a click.

Like many products, Keyport's journey was born out of a problem - the pocket clutter and lack of style associated with a bulky, unweildy keychain. "The development of a solution started in my garage and and even more specifically on my motorcycle with hand-crafted prototypes over months of experimentation,” explained Keyport Founder and Chief Product Designer, Josh Downes. “Going back to some of those original prototypes, we have now come full circle with the Keyport Pivot which was one of my first concepts. What sets Keyport apart from the other key organizers on the market (besides being the original) is that the Keyport Pivot is not just a key organizer: it’s a tech-ready, modular multi-tool with built-in lost & found, and we are excited to continue develop new tools and tech on this universal access platform."

To kickoff Keyport’s launch on The Grommet on May 31st, there will be a Q & A for the Grommet community with Keyport Founder and Chief Product Designer, Josh Downes, beginning at 10am ET / 7am PT.

Visit Keyport's page on The Grommet.

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