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Keyport & TrackR - A Comprehensive Solution to Keeping Track of Your Most Essential Personal Items

Keyport & TrackR - A Comprehensive Solution to Keeping Track of Your Most Essential Personal Items
By David Cooper November 17, 2017 No comments

It happens all the time… you misplace one of your most essential everyday carry items (Keyport, spare keys, phone, wallet, purse, etc.) at the worst possible moment, and you spend 15 aneurism inducing moments running around like a lunatic expletives flying as you try to figure out where you last left it.

Bluetooth locators, tiny devices which can be attached to your person items and link to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0), were created specifically to help solve the mystery of your misplaced items or even prevent them from getting lost in the first place.

Over the past couple of years, Bluetooth locators have become increasingly popular. In fact, Keyport was the first key organizer / multi-tool to integrate a Bluetooth tracker. Our Slide 3.0 and Pivot compatible locator module is a BLE locator and mini-light that works with TrackR, one of the original pioneers and now leaders in what has become a very crowded space.

With a 75’ range and a six-lumen built-in LED light, The Keyport Locator Module helps locate your Keyport from your smart phone or alternatively, your smartphone from your Keyport. Through the TrackR app, the Keyport Locator can even help you find your Pivot or Slide outside of its Bluetooth range using TrackR’s Crowd Locate Network.

What is a Crowd Locate Network?

Crowd Locate is an automatic finding feature built-into the TrackR app that expands the number of people who can help you find what's lost when your item is outside of Bluetooth range. TrackR products work using Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). If you lose an item on the Trackr network and it is within range, you will be able to find it by pinging it using your smartphone.

However, if you lose your item outside Bluetooth range, TrackR’s Crowd Locate network will automatically start looking for your item. Crowd Locate runs on crowd-sourced technology. If one of the millions of TrackR users walks within Bluetooth range of your missing item while running the app, you’ll receive an update with your item's last known location pinned on a map. It's 100% confidential and anonymous. No one knows your item is lost except you. This effectively increases your products range to anywhere where there are other TrackR users or nodes on their network. Because TrackR has so many users, coverage across the U.S. and even internationally is quite impressive.

In addition to picking up a Keyport Locator, check out these products from TrackR, which you can attach to several of your other most prized possessions.

TrackR Bravo

The Bravo is TrackR’s second gen BLE locator. Made of aluminum and available in a variety of colors, the Bravo is one of, if not the thinnest coin-sized locators on the market. The Bravo includes a small LED light that flashes when triggered.

TrackR Pixel

The Pixel is TrackR’s latest addition to its lineup. Made of durable polycarbonate, the Pixel also comes in a variety of colors, includes LED lights which flash brightly so that you can find it easily and a strong piezo buzzer which you can ring from your phone. Can't find your phone? You can ring your phone from the Pixel even when your phone is on silent!

One of the biggest advantages of TrackR finders vs. its biggest competition, Tile, is that TrackR products offer replaceable batteries while you have to purchase new Tiles when the battery expires. TrackR even has a battery program to provide inexpensive replacement batteries when needed. >thetrackr.com/bravo/battery

Keyport & TrackR - Partners in Lost & Found Protection

Together, Keyport and TrackR products keep track of all of your most important possessions. So, in order to take advantage of the ultimate in key and EDC lost and found protection, we recommend equipping yourself with the following:
  • Keyport Pivot or Keyport Slide 3.0 - Includes FREE two year subscription to KeyportID
  • Keyport BLE Locator + LED Module (works with TrackR) - Helps you find your Keyport from your smartphone or alternatively, your smartphone from your Keyport
  • TrackR pixel or TrackR bravo - Quarter sized Bluetooth trackers that work on the same network as the Keyport Locator so you only need one app to track all of your belongings
  • KeyportID Premium - KeyportID via a heavy duty four sticker set for any of your other valuables COMING SOON

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