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Keyport + Stowaway Tools Giveaway

By Josh Downes March 17, 2017 10 comments

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Klecker Knives to give away 3 awesome EDC prize packages featuring the Keyport Pivot, select Keyport Modules, Stowaway Tools, and Klecker’s best EDC knives.

Keyport Stowaway Tools Giveaway Prizes

Top 10 Best EDC Wallet Options

By Josh Downes February 18, 2017 No comments

Of the three most essential everyday carry items - wallet, phone, & keys (ahem…Keyport), there are a ton of wallet options to filter through. In an effort clean up your pockets, streamline your EDC, and add some style to your daily essentials, we thought that we would show you our top 10 best EDC wallet options.

Top 10 Best EDC Wallet Options

So...here are the best EDC wallet options in no particular order.

Keyport + Silent Pocket Giveaway

By Josh Downes January 25, 2017 No comments

We're happy to partner with our friends at Silent Pocket on this awesome giveaway. Combine your Keyport with a Silent Pocket RFID shielding wallet for the ultimate combination in EDC pocket silence. There are multiple ways to get entries below.

Second Prize ✱ Pocket Silence Kit

2017 Resolutions

By Josh Downes January 1, 2017 No comments

1. Get Organized
2. Reduce Clutter

The new Keyport Pivot consolidates your keys, pocket tools, and tech into one Everyday Multitool that includes a free 2 year subscription to KeyportID, the best online lost and found program anywhere. The Pivot is now available here!

Weekend Escape EDC

By Josh Downes March 3, 2016 No comments

Keyport Altoids iPhone Karas Customs Everyday Carry EDC

We all need a weekend escape once in a while. Just be sure to bring the right EDC gear to keep you entertained and ready for anything. Here are a few ideas we curated.

Keyport Slide 2.0 BUY
GoPro Hero3 BUY
Leatherman Squirt BUY
iKeyless Universal Remote BUY
Karas Kustoms K-Copper Pen BUY
iPhone 6 Space Grey BUY
Hacky Sack BUY
Bicycle Playing Cards BUY
Rhodia Classic French Paper Pad BUY