Learn More about OmniFob
Learn More about OmniFob

Why Keyport?

Keyport has been transforming personal access by designing streamlined access solutions at the intersection of utility, convenience, & style since 2005. With Keyport, you can get rid of pocket clutter & create your very own universal access device that artfully integrates keys, remotes, pocket tools, & smart tech plus lost & found. Our goal is not only to refine your everyday carry, but also to elevate it for the modern lifestyle.

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OmniFob by Keyport

Since the introduction of the first Keyport Slide in 2007, Keyport has pioneered the key organizer space and taken it to the next level. What makes our key organizers, key holders, and multi-tool keychains the best? Keyport’s modular access devices combine a hi-tech key organizer, a customizable EDC multi-tool, a universal smart remote (coming soon), and an exclusive lost and found service in the most versatile everyday carry system available. With 3 different modular platforms to choose from - Slide, Pivot, and Anywhere Pocket Clip, your custom Keyport will become an indispensable part of your everyday carry as you put it to good use several times every day.